Asian Cities Climb Ranks in Euromonitor’s ‘Top 100’ Travel Destinations

According to Euromonitor International, Paris is once again the finest city in the world to visit.

The city topped the market research firm’s annual “Top 100 City Destinations” list, which compares cities based on 55 metrics across six categories: economic and business performance, tourism performance, tourism infrastructure, tourism policy and attractiveness, health and safety, and sustainability.

Dubai came in second, followed by Madrid (third) and Tokyo (fourth), with Japan’s capital breaking into the top ten for the first time, “thanks to improved developments in [its] tourism infrastructure,” according to the research.

The depreciation of Japan’s yen, which has fallen 14% versus the US dollar this year, has lured travelers to the city, boosting hotel occupancy and allowing for low-cost consumer experiences, according to the report.

Here’s the top 20 cities list:

Developed markets continue to lead the rankings, as shown by the top 20 cities on Euromonitor’s 2023 index:

1.    Paris, France
2.    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
3.    Madrid, Spain
4.    Tokyo, Japan
5.    Amsterdam, Netherlands
6.    Berlin, Germany
7.    Rome, Italy
8.    New York City, United States
9.    Barcelona, Spain
10.  London, United Kingdom
11.  Singapore, Singapore
12.  Munich, Germany
13.  Milan, Italy
14.  Seoul, South Korea
15.  Dublin, Ireland
16.  Osaka, Japan
17.  Hong Kong
18.  Vienna, Austria
19.  Los Angeles, United States
20.  Lisbon, Portugal

European cities dominate the ranking, accounting for seven of the top ten and 63 of the top 100. According to the survey, this is due to “fast-paced urbanisation and widespread technology adoption” in the region.

However, Asian cities are gaining headway, with significant improvements from Euromonitor’s 2022 rankings.

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