8 Kids Who Went Viral in 2023 for the Right Reasons

Some amazing kids achieved records, started their own businesses, showed remarkable knowledge, and even carried out brave deeds in 2023.

These young people didn’t allow their years to limit them. Their skills and tenacity left everyone in awe as they accomplished extraordinary feats and broke numerous records.

Their experiences inspire others to pursue their own business adventures by showcasing the potential and talent that the younger generation possesses.

These children served as a reminder that anyone can achieve their goals at any age if they are driven, imaginative, and put in the necessary effort.

The following young people won over viewers’ hearts in 2023 for the right reasons:

1. Baby Devan

Devan, 2, stunned the internet with his incredible aptitude for completing math problems.

It was obvious from his first words that he was fixated with numbers. Originally, to show off his love of numbers, his parents posted a video of him working through several arithmetic problems.

The speed with which Devan can solve math problems that other people require calculators to solve astounds people.


2. Adonis Graham

Adonis, the 5-year-old son of well-known Canadian rapper Drake, illustrated the album cover for his father’s “For All the Dogs.” The proud father revealed that his son designed the album’s artwork, which is his eighth studio album.

Two of the monster’s defining features—its long ears and enormous crimson eyes—are shown in the artwork, which features a four-legged creature. The animal’s body is filled in with what appears to be white chalk, which stands out sharply against the black background.

The album gave the happy parent his 13th No. 1 album when For All The Dogs debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 chart.


3. Jason Carter

Jason Carter, now six, lost his mother in an apartment fire in Harrison Township, Michigan, when he was five years old.

Even though he was young, the event had a profound impact on him, especially since it happened a few weeks before he was supposed to start kindergarten.

Jason jumped at the chance to pay a moving homage to his lovely mother when his kindergarten teacher at New Dawn Academy requested him to speak at their graduation. His eulogy to his late mother, which lasted almost four minutes, captivated the audience and moved several of them to tears.

He described how he overcome the disaster to do his assignments and win his mother over.


4. Declan Lopez

Even at the age of six, Declan Lopez, a kindergartener, is considered a genius.

Lopez’s IQ is 138. She just joined Mensa, the biggest and oldest high-IQ organization in the world.The child who is gifted has an interest in arithmetic, science, geography, and the arts.

Her teachers do all in their power to keep her busy with robotics and computer code, even though she is just in kindergarten. She also periodically makes her way around the classroom to help other students finish their assignments.


5. Emora

Emora, age six, is assisting her teacher, Angelique Williams, in locating her ideal match.

After Williams posted a video of Emora pleading for the teacher to find a husband, Emora became well-known in October.

Williams clarified that the discussion began when she and Emora were having dinner together after school during the previous academic year. Williams remembered that Emora turned to her and asked if she had a husband.

The devoted instructor mentioned that there is a unique bond between her and Emora. They even demonstrated the handshake they came up with jointly on the Jennifer Hudson show. They also highlighted the qualities that Williams looks for in a spouse.

“She needs a man that cooks for her,” Emora expressed.


6. Bryanna Cook

Bryanna Cook, a 6-year-old Mississippian girl attending Columbus’ Fairview Elementary School for the first grade, has won recognition for her bravery in helping searchers locate her family’s car after her mother suffered a stroke while driving in a remote region.

Cook played a key role in directing the emergency services to the location. On October 23, Bryanna and her mother Yolanda Cook had a ride to see Bryanna’s grandmother in Preston.

The 6-year-old reacted swiftly after their car broke down in the woods due to a stroke and her mother lost consciousness. Taking her mother’s phone, she called her grandmother in spite of her fear.

Bryanna couldn’t wake her mother, so her grandmother advised her to phone 911. Bryanna first spoke with a dispatcher from Noxubee County, who then put her in touch with Latonya Malone from Lowndes County.

Bryanna clarified that while trying to help solve the issue, she opened the doors to let in some fresh air and accidentally tapped her mother’s face, trying to rouse her up.

The initial responders were eventually directed to the car by Bryanna and her grandmother’s information.


7. Hephzibah Akinwale

At the age of ten, Akinwale broke the record for the longest fiction novel written by a kid with her middle-grade work, “Chronicles of the Time Keepers – Whisked Away,” which was written in 58,000 words.

She broke the record held by 11-year-old Manikya Sanghi, the multi-award winning author of “Wizard of Sansanadia,” who, at 44,000 words, was the youngest person to write a fiction novel, according to the International Book of Records.


8. Mario Mack

Twelve-year-old Mario Mack of Fairfield, Alabama, is juggling his entrepreneurial endeavors with his schooling. He started J’s Pop-Up Shaved Ice, the business he owns and runs today, when he was ten years old. Mack dedicates his weekends and holidays to his business and his weekdays to his studies.

The youthful businessman launched his venture with the same determination for success as his mother, who influenced his autonomous way of thinking.

Although the company may appear to be a side project, Mack views it as his dream venture.He is happy to act as a role model for other budding business owners who possess a similar level of enthusiasm.

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