Declan Lopez: 6-Year-Old Genius from New Jersey Has An IQ Almost As High As Albert Einstein

Declan Lopez, a kindergartener, is regarded a genius at the age of six. Declan recently joined Mensa, the world’s largest and oldest high-IQ group, with an IQ of 138. According to WABC, the gifted child is interested in the arts, science, math, and geography.

She shared that in school, “My favorite thing to learn is a force in motion.” Declan’s parents began noticing their daughter’s intelligence when she was 18 months old.

Meachel Lopez, Declan’s mother, told, that she initially thought Declan was speaking gibberish until she took a closer listen.

“I didn’t know what she was saying but then we realized it was from the cartoons, the learning videos we’d play for her on YouTube. She’d picked it up.”

She told WABC, “We were on a trip in the airport, and she just started to count in Mandarin.”

Since then, the parents have devised an activity chart to keep the energetic 6-year-old cognitively busy while also enabling her to be a kid.

“I want her to laugh and joke and make mistakes and do things that 6-year-olds do,” Meachel Lopez expressed.

Vicki Vigorito, director of The Learning Experience in Denville, said of Declan, “Some of her interests and abilities left me with my jaw dropped.” She was so good at math that she could sketch anatomically correct body parts and recall everyone’s first and last name.”

Declan continues her studies at home with her mother, delving into the periodic table, division and math, and world geography each day after school, according to

Despite the fact that she is just in kindergarten, her teachers have tried to keep her occupied with robotics and computer coding.She also walks around the classroom from time to time to assist other pupils with their homework.

According to the evidence, Declan’s younger brother, Maddox, appears to be following in her footsteps. The family is attempting to determine whether genius runs in the family DNA.

The pleased parents revealed that Google and Alexa have become their greatest friends because their children know things that they are unable to answer without the assistance of artificial intelligence.


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