10 Most Supported Football Clubs in the World

Fans play a crucial role in football. The Premier League is the world’s most popular sporting league, with an estimated 643 million viewers in 212 different areas. As the tournament grew and expanded since its start in 1992, a small number of clubs rose to prominence around the world.

These clubs have big fan bases on multiple continents and are widely popular both domestically and globally.

The advent of technology advancements and the ever-changing nature of modern football have expanded these clubs’ fan bases, allowing multiple methods to support a team.

Identifying the world’s most popular football clubs is subjective and influenced by factors such as past success, fan base size, worldwide reach, and recent achievements. However, some of the clubs usually recognized as the most supported globally are:

The growth of social media also provides us with a new approach to analyze how many fans each major club has, while other factors to examine include ticket sales, TV broadcasting data, shirt sales, and the popularity of international supporter groups.

HowAfrica examines ten clubs with the most supporters on the four most popular social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, X, and TikTok:

1. Real Madrid

Facebook: 121 million

Instagram: 151 million

X: 49.8 million

TikTok: 38.7 million

Total Fan Base: 360.5 million

Real Madrid has one of the most passionate and committed fan bases in international football. Known as “Madridistas,” these fans are well-known for their unshakable allegiance and intense support of the club, both domestically and internationally.

On match days, the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, Real Madrid’s legendary home field, transforms into a cauldron of noise and intensity, with fans producing an exhilarating environment that motivates the players.

2. Barcelona

Facebook: 113 million

Instagram: 125 million

X: 48.5 million

TikTok: 32.3 million

Total Fan Base: 318.8 million

Barcelona, one of the world’s most popular football clubs, has a devoted fan following known for their unwavering support of the club both on and off the game.


3. Manchester United

Facebook: 82 million

Instagram: 63.2 million

X: 37.5 million

TikTok: 24.3 million

Total Fan Base: 207 million

Manchester United followers, sometimes known as “Red Devils,” are some of the most devoted football fans anywhere. With a rich history and a track record of success, Manchester United has amassed a vast global fan following that spans multiple continents. The Old Trafford acts as a gathering place for fans to rally and support their club.

4. Paris Saint Germain

Facebook: 52 million

Instagram: 65.3 million

X: 4.7 million

TikTok: 41 million

Total Fan Base: 163 million

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) fans are an essential component of the club’s identity and success. With a passionate and diversified fan base, PSG has established a strong presence both in France and abroad.

5. Juventus

Facebook: 47 million

Instagram: 60.2 million

X: 10 million

TikTok: 30.2 million

Total Fan Base: 147.4 million

The Bianconeri are well-known for their unwavering support for the club. Juventus has one of the greatest and most committed supporter following in Italy and around the world, thanks to its long history and winning tradition.

6. Manchester City

Facebook: 49 million

Instagram: 50.4 million

X: 17.3 million

TikTok: 23 million

Total Fan Base: 139.7 million

A decade ago, Manchester City would have been unlikely to make this list. However, after its ownership by Emirati billionaire Sheikh Mansour, the club has risen to amazing prominence, attracting a global fan base. Citizens demonstrate persistent commitment and passion to their team, providing unwavering support regardless of geographical limits.

7. Chelsea

Facebook: 54 million

Instagram: 42 million

X: 25.4 million

TikTok: 15.3 million

Total Fan Base: 136.7 million

Chelsea’s fanbase is wide and passionate, having followers from all over the world. Chelsea fans, known as the “Blues,” are passionate about their team. The Stamford Bridge stadium in West London is Chelsea’s legendary home pitch, where fans assemble to support their team.

8. Liverpool

Facebook: 46 million

Instagram: 44.1 million

X: 24.2 million

TikTok: 17.3 million

Total Fan Base: 131.6 million

Liverpool has one of football’s most devoted fan bases, known as the “Reds.” Anfield, their home pitch, is filled with thunderous shouts and songs of loyalty, like as “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” that have become synonymous with the club’s character. Liverpool fans’ togetherness and enthusiasm contribute significantly to the club’s success and heritage.

9. Bayern Munich

Facebook: 60 million

Instagram: 41.2 million

X: 6.9 million

TikTok: 18.4 million

Total Fan Base: 126.5 million

Bayern Munich followers, sometimes known as “Die Bayern” or “FCB Fans,” are among the world’s most passionate and loyal football supporters. Bayern Munich has a long history of local and international success and supremacy, and it has amassed a vast global fan following.

10. Arsenal

Facebook: 42 million

Instagram: 28.5 million

X: 22.2 million

TikTok: 6.5 million

Total Fan Base: 99.2 million

Arsenal fans, known as the Gunners, are some of the most ardent supporters. With a rich history and tradition, Arsenal Football Club has amassed a global fanbase that transcends borders. From cheering on their team at the Emirates Stadium to following matches around the world, Arsenal fans exhibit fervour for their beloved club.

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