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10 Best European Cities You Should Visit

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Europe is an exceptional year-round destination, boasting captivating cities, magnificent mountains, and gorgeous beaches.

However, Europe experiences distinct seasonal changes, and its countries can have either a northern or southern climate. So, what are the best cities in Europe to visit?

Your preferences will guide the ideal choice, but here are a few recommendations of mine to consider:

1. Dubrovnik, Croatia

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The “Pearl of the Adriatic,” Dubrovnik, is a fascinating location that blends a Mediterranean temperature, stunningly colored crystal-clear waters, and an old city. The animated movie “Porco Rosso” by Hayao Miyazaki was based on Dubrovnik and even included sequences there. The popular TV show “Game of Thrones” was also filmed there, which increased tourism.


2. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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Amsterdam is a free-spirited city with many bridges, bicycles, and magnificent architecture. Regardless of the month, there is always something to see in Amsterdam with museums showing Dutch Golden Age masterpieces, canal boat tours, the Van Gogh Museum, the Red Light District, and coffee cafes.


3. Hamburg, Germany

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Germany’s second-largest city after Berlin is Hamburg, a port city located on the banks of the Elbe River, which empties into the North Sea. It is known in German as “Tor zur Welt” or “Gateway to the World.” Port cities exude a special sense of freedom and the promise of fresh experiences.


4. Trondheim, Norway

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The third-largest city in Norway, Trondheim, is reachable from Oslo and Bergen by plane or within a day’s travel by car, train, or public transportation, with beautiful scenery along the way.


5. Braunwald, Switzerland

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If you have the chance, you must visit the little but fascinating town of Braunwald. This car-free village in the Alps retains a pristine environment because to its elevation and lack of harmful pollutants. It is located at an altitude of 5,000 feet. Visitors park their vehicles in a lot at the foot of the Alps, and then take a cable car to get to the town (you may also get there by train; the Zurich station is very near to the cable car starting point, for instance). Walking is the only means of transportation within the town.


6. Venice, Italy

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One of the most stunning cities in the world is Venice. Every flaw contributes to its beauty, with building cracks and flaking paint enhancing its aesthetic and picturesque appeal.


7. Bamberg, Germany

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A little town in southern Germany’s Bavaria region called Bamberg has a history that dates back to 902. UNESCO has designated the entire city center as a World Heritage Site because it miraculously escaped wartime damage. The town hall, cathedrals, and castles are still as they were many years ago in terms of appearance.


8. Nice, France

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A unique beach holiday with an aristocratic French flair is available in Nice, a charming resort city on the French Riviera. You can take a stroll down the Promenade des Anglais, look around the flower market in the Old Town, and eat at French-inspired restaurants while taking breaks to bathe in the Mediterranean Sea’s crystalline waters.


9. Athens, Greece

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One of the world’s oldest cities that has always been inhabited is Athens. The city is so abundant in antiquities that many priceless relics are so close to the ground that they can’t even fit in museums.


10. Bordeaux, France

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Bordeaux, a lovely French city on the banks of the Garonne River, is home to a large number of early classical structures, as well as a large number of art institutions and parks. Simply for these sights, a trip to the city is highly recommended. But Bordeaux also draws visitors because of its famed wines.

Bordeaux offers a wealth of information about winemaking, tastings of the best French wines, and opportunity to buy bottles at the Cité du Vin winemaking museum. Bordeaux is also known as the wine capital of the world and is the origin of Château Margaux and other premium wines.

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