10 Best Restaurants in Colombo Sri Lanka You Should Add to Your Bucket List


One of the primary tourist destinations on the island is Colombo, the largest city in Sri Lanka. This is why there are several of restaurants here, each with a different menu and atmosphere.

Whether you want to sample local cuisine, take in the city skyline, or eat grilled seafood while watching a live show, there are many good places to go. So where should you go to spend some time with others and eat well?

Here is a list of some of Colombo’s top eateries, where you may enjoy delectable cuisine in a relaxing setting.

1. The Station

It is quite challenging to surpass The Station restaurant when it comes to having amazing cuisine and having a wonderful time on a budget. You may enjoy a great sea view with good meals and drinks at 1/41 Wasala Road in Dehiwala.

The Station has everything you need, whether you want to indulge your craving for seafood or have a romantic candlelight dinner. Even if you wish to have lunch by yourself and read by the beach, the atmosphere is ideal for creating the right mood.


2. Beach Wadiya


Beach Wadiya is the best choice if you’re craving crabs or some traditional Sri Lankan food near the sea. The majority of the seafood platters at this beachfront restaurant are made with crab, and the cooking is upbeat.

This location’s owners Mahela Jayawardene, Kumar Sangakkara, and Dhardhan Munidase designed it with a lively yet laid-back atmosphere. The British Royal Family members have visited this location, along with many other well-known individuals.

You’ll be able to appreciate the true flavors of whatever meal you try thanks to their straightforward and authentic cooking approach. Beach Wadiya should therefore be on your bucket list if you visit the beach and wish to enjoy in a notable location.


3. Wijaya Beach Restaurant

Wijaya Beach Restaurant can be found in Dalawella, Talpe Dalawella, Galle. This laid-back beachside restaurant is a great option for dining out with your family or friends because it serves delicious food at affordable costs.

They provide a wide variety of seafood dishes, salads, curries, wood-fired pizza, and delectable desserts. Additionally, you can swim here before a delectable supper as the kids play on the beach.


4. Liv Colombo (Berlin Sky Lounge)

Imagine enjoying delicious food and a relaxing evening with your special someone while admiring the city, the lake, and some of the most breathtaking locations from a great height. You can take pleasure in this at Berlin Sky Lounge.

Genuine German cuisine is served at Berlin Sky Lounge, a restaurant in Colombo at 101, The Goldblock, 11 Hunupitiya Lake Road. Over a romantic candlelight meal, you’ll enjoy a stunning view of the city, delicious German cuisine, and outstanding beverages.


5. Nihonbashi

Nihonbashi is a Japanese-themed restaurant in the center of Sri Lanka that is frequently included in lists of the top restaurants in Asia. The calming atmosphere of a Japanese-style garden was used to adorn this restaurant by Sri Lankan-Japanese chef Dharshan Munidasa.

Anyone seeking a heavenly experience will find this to be the ideal romantic eating setting thanks to the soothing fountains and the modern decor. The atmosphere is enhanced by the exquisite and straightforward Japanese food, which includes sushi, sashimi, hotpots, and a charcoal barbecue.


6. Cloud Red

The Cinnamon Red hotel’s rooftop restaurant and bar provides a fantastic view of the entire city. Additionally, this is the ideal place to spend the evening with a loved one. You might take pleasure in seeing the city gradually transition into dusk.


7. Yumi

Do you and your lover want to go on an intimate date while also feeling like having something Japanese but without the typical touches? You must then go see Yumi. It is located in the Taj Smudra Hotel. Its interior offers a contemporary feel thanks to the orange and black color scheme and the thoughtfully placed, comfy chairs.

One of the best traditional and fusion sushis can be found at Yumi. It’s a great location for a date night as well. The modern decor and the food make a lovely match to create a lovely atmosphere for such occasions.


8. Tao

One of the classiest moves is to take your significant other or your first date to a Chinese restaurant. You may do it easily by bringing them to Tao, a Chinese eatery that provides traditional Chinese food.

This Cinnamon Grand restaurant offers a genuine taste of Asia. When they pour you tea while you enjoy late-afternoon goodies, you can feel the ritual. Additionally, you can satisfy both you and your spouse with a variety of Chinese foods.


9. The Verandah

The Verandah is an outdoor restaurant situated on the Galle Face Hotel’s huge open terrace. This is the ideal location for a romantic date because of the open, roomy design, modest retro touch, and two-seat tables by the balcony.


10. Forty-Seven Spice

Boutique restaurant Forty-Seven Spice has a stylish appearance and a welcoming atmosphere. It offers both indoor and outdoor spaces, with the latter being quite tranquil and encircled by vegetation.

Forty-Seven Spices’ food is a bit pricey because it is a boutique eatery. However, you can tell that they take great care in making each meal. In addition, they offer you complementary bread and butter as an appetizer as soon as you place your order.

For individuals who enjoy exquisite meals and chic, sophisticated settings, this location is ideal. Additionally, their beverages are wonderful. You can amaze your date by bringing them here, or you can bring your friends and family so they feel welcome while they eat.

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