Why Andre Williams Of MC Hammer Fame Dived Into Entrepreneurship

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Andre Williams has established himself in the music industry. According to the Press Democrat, he has spent the previous three decades travelling as a vocalist alongside rapper and dancer MC Hammer. He has also written and produced songs for Dorothy Moore, The Pointer Sisters, and The Whispers.

Aside from music, the East Bay native is a business owner. He runs Drinx Bar & Grill in Lakeport, which is well-known among both locals and visitors. He has opened a new location called Andre’s.


According to the Press Democrat, the Drinx bar’s popularity originates from the classic meals offered as well as live music for a rather hip and younger population every weekend. According to the publication, his new venture Andre’s will “cater to a more refined clientele,” featuring live jazz and blues events.

Williams’ foray into entrepreneurship began in 1995, when he founded Burgers Plus on Highway 20 in Clearlake. This happened five years after he began performing with Hammer. Williams then opened Burger Time, a second burger eatery. The R&B vocalist, composer, and producer expanded his business to include a barbecue restaurant and a rhythm and blues radio station. At the radio station, which is still in operation, he was known as DJ Silk.

During his tenure on the radio, Williams recognized that there was no location in Clearlake for local bands and other friends to perform live music. This prompted him to launch his next project, Silk’s, a bar and live music venue.

The bar was open until 2015, when he relocated it to Lakeport and built Drinx. “I just wanted a venue where people could listen to wonderful music,” he told the Press Democrat. “That’s what it all boils down to.”

In a June interview with the Press Democrat, he expressed anticipation that Hammer might stop by his next endeavor, Andre’s Lounge. Williams began his musical career at a young age as a drummer and lead vocalist. According to Williams’ website, he joined forces with Hammer in 1991 to become the lead vocalist and continued to perform alongside the rap legend. His Hammer performing credentials include The Arsenio Hall Show, the American Music Awards, the Soul Train Music Awards, and the video “Bring Our Brothers Home.”


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