WATCH: Drake Surprises Cancer Survivor with $100,000 During Nashville Concert

Drake’s “It’s All A Blur – Big As The What? Tour” in Nashville concluded with a memorable and unexpected moment for one of his fans.

Following his performance of “God’s Plan” during his Nashville concert on Wednesday, February 7, the popular rapper sent a poignant message inviting fans to brighten someone else’s day by approaching a stranger and hugging them. “Somebody loves you,” Drake reminded the audience. “Where’s the love, Nashville?” he asked, according to The Tennessean.

Lauren Schwallier, who had been battling breast cancer since March 2022, stood in the pit near the stage during the event. She had recently completed her final session of chemotherapy.

“I see everybody pointing to this sign and I can’t miss it,” Drake said as fans in the crowd shone their cell phone lights on the 33-year-old cancer survivor’s “Just Finished Chemo” sign. “So, get her to the front quickly. “Because this is an important moment,” Drake explained.

The “To All the Dogs” artist requested that the cameras display Schwallier’s sign to the audience, highlighting her on the jumbotron. “Listen, ignore Drake and everyone else in the building right now. “That’s a true soldier right there,” he said.

“I hope my manager doesn’t kill me because I’ve never done this much, but, listen, I want you to cash this in at the end of the night,” he said, handing her a receipt.

“We’re gonna give you $100,000.” The audience gasped and applauded in reaction to Schwallier’s story and Drake’s gesture.

She didn’t realize the musician was addressing to her when he interrupted his performance to acknowledge her and her cancer battle.

She informed WSMV.”I was honestly stunned that it was me out of the entire arena. The idea that I’ve been recognized for all of my hardships is ridiculous.”

Drake’s generosity will pay the majority of her medical expenditures, allowing her to focus on her other interests, such as music. Schwallier, who has a two-year-old daughter, is excited about the opportunity to provide more for her family and plans to save money for her child.

Additionally, she want to support the Breast Cancer Foundation’s efforts to assist military personnel facing cancer.

In a personal note to Drake, Schwallier wrote: “Your music has honestly gotten me through a lot, and I appreciate you more than words.”

Schwallier gets surgery in March and faces the possibility of cancer reoccurring. However, her outlook remains positive as she continues to inspire those around her.



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