U.S.: Tualatin Graduates Receive Scholarships

Amanda Fronczak was awarded the $10,000 Lam Research Core Values scholarship for Tualatin High School.

“It’s hard to find a Core Value that she has not practiced consistently and at very high levels,” said an announcement from the Lam Board. “And, it’s also very hard to figure out when this young woman sleeps.”

Fronczak, who graduated first in her class of 2023, was student body president last year and treasurer her junior and sophomore years.

She was the student-run store and café’s chief marketing officer, vice president of the Future Business Leaders of America Clubs, and a two-year humor editor for “The Wolf” student newspaper. During her junior and senior years, she was also a “Pack Leader” freshmen mentor, a member of the National Honor Society, and captain of the Varsity Cheer Team.

“Every activity or group she participated in saw very impressive achievements,” the letter said. “Furthermore, her activities demonstrate community impact, not just personal interest.”

Fronczak is continuing her education at Florida State University, where she plans to study business and marketing.

Awatif Al-hawani received the Tualatin Historical Society’s $3,000 Jack Broome Scholarship.

After coming from Iraq to the United States, the Tualatin High School graduate formed the school’s Muslim and Arabic society to help students understand cultural similarities and differences.

After coming to Tualatin, Al-hawani learned both English and Spanish and graduated in the top 20% of her class while working at Michaels and establishing her own online custom art company to help pay for college.

She plans to study environmental engineering at Portland State University this fall.

Al-hawani is the 14th recipient of the award, named for past Historical Society president Jack Broome, who conceived the award in 2010.

Broome studied at the University of Oregon on a G.I. bill after a four-year tour with the Marines during WWII.

The Award was named for him in 2020, after he died at age 97.

Kelly Tejeda Catellanos received a $1,000 Tualatin Science & Technology scholarship.

“Thanks to your contribution, I’m able to continue to focus on my studies, and hopefully, one day, I will be able to help those who have assisted me in achieving my dreams,” she told members of the City Council during a July 10 meeting.

The 2023 Tualatin High School graduate plans to study physics this fall at Oregon State University, where she will become the first member of her family to attend college.

“Choosing one student to receive a scholarship was very difficult because each of the students who applied were outstanding,” Councilor Cyndy Hillier said.

Tejeda was born in the United States and primarily raised in Mexico before returning to live with her uncle and complete high school in Tualatin while simultaneously learning English after the Covid pandemic impacted her education.

Her vision, inspired by Tualatin High School physics teacher, “is to teach future students, particularly those who speak another language, to solve and analyze problems in a fun, engaging, empathetic way,” Hillier said.

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