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Top 5 LGBTQ+ Friendly Destinations in Europe

According to a recent Mabrian study that analyzed over 55 million hotel ratings across Europe, the top five LGBTQ+ friendly destinations are Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, and Paris, listed in descending order.

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These cities, according to Mabrian, have become widely sought after for LGBTQ+ travelers due to their great level of service and steadfast acceptance.

1. Berlin: Belin is known for being one of the world’s most LGBTQ+-friendly cities. The city is well-known for its vibrant nightlife, welcoming neighborhoods such as Schöneberg, and annual Pride celebrations.

2. Madrid: Madrid has a large LGBTQ+ community, centered primarily in the Chueca neighborhood. Madrid Orgullo, one of Europe’s largest Pride parades, is held in the city.

3. Barcelona: Barcelona is another city with a thriving LGBTQ+ community. The Eixample district is popular among LGBTQ+ residents and visitors, and the city organizes an annual Pride festival known as Pride Barcelona.

4. Lisbon: Lisbon has recently acquired popularity as an LGBTQ+-friendly travel destination. The city has a warm atmosphere, a diversified nightlife scene, and an increasing number of LGBTQ+-friendly places.

5. Paris: Paris, known as the “City of Love,” is also a favorite destination for LGBTQ+ visitors. The Marais district is a hotspot for LGBTQ+ culture and entertainment. Paris is home to prominent LGBTQ+ sites such as Le Marais and Les Deux Magots, as well as an annual Pride parade.

Mabrian conducted its investigation by utilizing spontaneous evaluations from major travel opinion portals, with a specific focus on comments from or relevant to the LGBTQ+ traveller group.

According to Mabrian, the LGBTQ+ tourist group is in high demand by numerous tourist locations due to their above-average expenditure behaviors. During their trips, these travelers frequently spend more money.

“The LGTBQ+ segment is both significant in size and profitable, making it an area of special interest for the hotel sector. In order to attract this segment, hotels strive to provide exceptionally high standards of quality and personalised attention,” Marketing Director at Mabrian Carlos Cendra pointed out.

Cendra also emphasized the importance of Spain’s performance in having two entries among the top five European destinations, recognizing the segment’s competition.

Last year, a poll performed by the Merchant Machine, a UK-based information and comparison website, named Malta the safest location for LGBTQI+ travellers.

Simultaneously, the Merchant Machine study examined a variety of variables, including LGBTQI+ hate crime protection, free speech and gay marriage laws, overall crime data, robbery rates, crime indices, and the Global Peace Index.

Based on these considerations, Malta ranked as the safest country for LGBTQI+ vacationers, with a safety score of 369 and the second-lowest robbery rate among the countries surveyed.

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