Costa Rica Named the Best Destination for Families with Little Children

On TripAdvisor, San José de Costa Rica scored the highest ratings for restaurants, accommodations, activities, and attractions.

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Costa Rica is the ideal place to go on vacation with young children. British Airways made the announcement after examining 200,000 TripAdvisor reviews.


Costa Rica achieved a score of 100 out of 100 in this category, which takes into consideration visitor assessments of lodgings, restaurants, activities, and attractions.


San José, which received 90% of opinions with 5 stars for the best hotels, is the region where you may spend the best night, according to people.


Zanzibar, Tanzania (86.80%) and the Maldives (82.40%) rank lower than Costa Rica’s capital. Tourists, according to the analysis, thought Josefino restaurants had a lot to offer, from traditional Latin American foods to Asian fusions.


Once again, the capital received the top ranking in terms of family-friendly activities and attractions, with 89%.


With 40 unique exhibitions, the Children’s Museum is one of the most well-known venues among parents. Another notable feature is the city’s climate and pedestrian streets, which have made it easier for families to roam around when going on a walk.

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