Terrorist, 21, Admits Plot to Buy a Gun and Kill an Ex-Muslim Who Became a Christian


A 21-year-old terrorist has acknowledged that he tried to buy a gun in order to kill a former Muslim who had converted to Christianity at Speakers’ Corner in London’s Hyde Park.


Edward Little was allegedly planning to purchase a gun in order to murder Hatun Tash, 40, and her video crew at the public speaking venue as well as any police or troops who were there at the time.


When he was detained and taken into custody on September 23 of last year, he was traveling into London in a cab carrying thousands of pounds in cash.


Little first refused to respond to questions during a police interview, but after seeing a YouTube clip of the preacher, he charged an officer across the table and threw his hands at him before being held.


He had earlier this year denied planning terrorist actions, but on Friday at the Old Bailey, he entered a new plea and admitted the accusation.

Little, a resident of Brighton’s Pelham Street, appeared at the Old Bailey today via video link while dressed in a grey tracksuit and confessed planning terrorist attacks.


Targets identified by Little, according to the prosecution, were military leaders, police officers, and Christian cleric Hatun Tash.


But defence lawyer Tom Godfrey said Little only accepted targeting the preacher.


Ms Tash was arrested twice for breaching the peace when she reported harassment and threats by Islamic demonstrators to the Met Police. She has since been paid £10,000 in damages.


Ms Tash regularly attended Hyde Park to debate Islam and Christianity with demonstrators.


Last year, she alleged that she was stabbed in the face by an unknown man dressed in black while she was in Speakers’ Corner.


As part of his preparations Little had looked up different guns and their capabilities and arranged to buy one for £5,000.


As he set off on September 23 last year, Little agreed to pay the taxi driver £300 to take him to Lewisham, south London, saying money was no problem.

He asked to stop at a mosque to pray but said he would do it in the cab after being told there was none on route.

When arrested, he was carrying a rucksack with £5,000 in cash, a passport and two mobile phones.

Police later found an encrypted chat on one phone, setting out his attack plan and the gun purchase.

Going by the online name of ‘Abdullah’, Little was also said to have exchanged chat about religion, Iraq and ‘kuffar’.

Little declined to answer questions in police interviews but his mood changed when he was shown a YouTube view of the preacher, Ms Tash.
He launched himself from his chair across the table at an officer, swinging repeatedly with his fists before being restrained.

He went on to admit assaulting the officer at Newbury Police Station last September 28 and was sentenced to 40 weeks in prison.

The sentence was reduced on appeal for eight months in prison.

Mr Justice Baker adjourned sentencing until July 21 and remanded Little into custody.

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