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WATCH: Man Demands US Government Pay $3 million for Every Black Person as Reparation for Slavery

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A local in Tampa City, Florida, USA, claimed that the government should pay “$3 million per person” for the decades-long slave trade that White people engaged in against Black people and that, in his opinion, has financially disadvantaged generations of Black people.

“All this nonsense, homelessness and all this other garbage you all talk about. Police violence and all this stuff — don’t nobody care about that,” the man said in the clip posted on Thursday, May 18.


“We care about our reparations. And we have to put white people on notice that we want our reparations. Our foreparents and us didn’t work for free and [get] underpaid and all this nonsense and the white folks get away with it,” the man added,” while “they talk about the great city they’re building.”


“No. We want our reparations. $3 million per person. $3 million per person right here in this city. That’s the only [thing] Black people have to care about. All this other little nonsense… we do not care about.”


This comes as left-wing lawmakers are pushing for reparations on a national level.

Representative Cori Bush, D-Mo (pictured below) held a press conference on Wednesday unveiling her Reparations Now resolution, which declares “that the United States has a moral and legal obligation to provide reparations for the enslavement of Africans and its massive harm on the lives of millions.”


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She suggested the total amount would be at least $14 trillion, which she described as the gap in wealth between Black and Whites.

“Black people in our country cannot wait any longer for our government to begin addressing… all of the harm it has caused since the founding, that it continues to perpetuate each and every day all across our communities, all across this country,” Bush said.

“Let us speak this truth, uncomfortable as it may be: Our country was not founded on the principle that all people are created equal. It was founded at the expense of the lives, freedom and well-being of Black people, African folks who they stole.”


Watch the video below;



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