Senegal’s President To Visit France In First Official Trip Outside Africa

Senegalese President Bassirou Diomaye Faye will visit France this week for his first official tour outside of Africa, his administration announced on Tuesday.

Faye, who was inaugurated on April 2, will participate in the Global Forum for Vaccine Sovereignty and Innovation. The forum aims to strengthen Africa’s sovereignty in addressing health challenges.

He will go to the former colonial power on Wednesday, and the conference is slated for Thursday.

“At the end of this event, the Head of State will be invited to lunch by his French counterpart” Emmanuel Macron, Faye’s office said.

Senegal and France have historically maintained strong political and economic relations.

However, Faye, — a left-wing pan-Africanist — has insisted such partnerships should be mutually beneficial.

In May, Senegal’s Prime Minister Ousmane Sonko said the country’s wish to determine its path was “incompatible with the entrenched presence of foreign military bases” on Senegalese soil.

Sources told AFP on Monday that the French government would be reducing the number of soldiers stationed in West and Central African nations, including Senegal.

Paris will reduce the number of soldiers posted to Senegal from 350 to around 100.


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