Remembering Albert Richardson, The Black Man Behind The Casket-Lowering Device Still Used Today

Albert<a href=httpshowafricacom> <a>Richardson<a href=httpshowafricacom> <a>invented the casket lowering device Image via AAREG


Inventions demonstrate that life will continue to improve. Black innovators have always been kept in the deep back of history rooms. From the discovery of light bulbs to the invention of the salad fork, Black people have been involved in practically every invention, and these inventions continue to benefit humanity’s easy-everyday lives.

With so many inventions in the world, it might be difficult to put a name to an invention, let alone a patent. Normally, one person is thought to be equal to one invention. Albert C. Richardson, on the other hand, not only invented one thing, but four. His inventions are still useful and make living easier. The casket-lowering device is one of his inventions.


Richardson identified the problem of how remains were lowered into the earth with ropes, sometimes only into shallow dirt, in 1894. It took several persons to get the casket into the ground using the ropes, but the risk of the casket sliding off and being damaged was great.

It would have been difficult to get a casket into the ground without this idea. The bereaved would not only be in grief, but would also be considering how to get their deceased loved ones to their final resting place. Richardson’s invention, as underappreciated as it may sound, solved a problem.

His casket-lowering device was made of pulleys and ropes which ensured that the casket got into the ground without tumbling over. His description of the device from his patent filing reads: My invention relates to improvements in casket-lowering devices; and the object of my invention is the provision of a simple, durable and inexpensive device adapted to be fitted in the trench or ditch which receives the casket to prevent the dirt from falling from the edges of the ditch and which will lower the casket Without danger of the same falling as is frequently the case with the present manner of lowering caskets and which causes such horror to those who respect the dead.

In addition, Richardson invented the butter churn. Butter was produced by hand in a bowl before 1891. There was no equipment to simplify the process. Richardson designed the butter churn in February 1891, which included a wooden cylinder container with an up-and-down handle. The mechanism separated the oil from the milk, cream, and butter, dumping the watery contents into a separate basin.

This invention revolutionized the food industry and is still in use today. Richardson also invented a hame fastening in 1882, an insect destroyer in 1899, and an advance in bottle design in December 1899, according to

While many large inventions have been made and continue to benefit society, these “little” inventions will live on in their legacy. Richardson, like many others before him, made an indelible mark on the world.


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