‘Paralysed’ Man Dragged Out Of His Car By US Police In Case Of Mistaken Identity

The family of a crippled man was shocked when police in Maryland dragged him out of his car after mistaking him for a wanted guy.The police officers are shown urging the crippled guy to step out of the car despite his plea that he is paralyzed in a video of the event that has appeared online.

Even though he questioned the officers about his ability to walk, they insisted he get out of the car. During the interaction, the cop is seen roughly removing the crippled man from the automobile, apparently unaware of his paralysis. It was the man’s wife who had to explain that her husband was a paraplegic and couldn’t walk.

Officers had no choice but to place the man on the roadside after he collapsed to the ground. He inquired as to why the officers had left him on the ground. After his wife returned his wheelchair, he had to find a means to lift himself back into his automobile.

According to the Daily Mail, the crippled guy continued to videotape the incident while the cop mounted a defense providing his opinion on how the events happened.

The officer stated that he was arrested for a crime he was unaware of but happened to be in the area of at the time. The video of the interaction has received over 660,000 views and approximately 50,000 reactions, with over 3,900 comments from fans.

The footage that shocked many viewers left them wondering why they wanted to blame the crippled man. They prayed that he would receive justice for the inhumane treatment he had to face at the hands of cops.

Many others were swayed by a subsequent video in which an officer is shown handcuffing the crippled man while he stays in his wheelchair on the roadside.

They slammed the situation as excessive and unneeded, with many online users urging a quick settlement. They did, however, praise the individual for his patience and cooperation.

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