Palestine Petitions UN, Demands Israel Leaves Territories

The State of Palestine has petitioned the UN, requesting that Israel leave what it refers to as “its territory” in the midst of the ongoing conflict.

against October 8, the Palestinian militant group Hamas launched an unprecedented attack against Israel. Over 1,500 people have been verified deceased in the war, and the death toll is certain to rise.

On Tuesday, the Palestinian Ambassador to Nigeria, Abdullahp Shawesh, called on the UN to implement international law to Israel and compel it to end its occupation of Palestinian areas.

Palestinian Ambassador to Nigeria, Abdullahp Shawesh briefs journalists in Abuja on October 10 amid the Israel-Palestine war.

Shawesh asserted that the application of the law will bring the violence to a halt; otherwise, the Palestinians will continue to use their “legitimate right” to liberate and protect themselves.

According to him, Israelis have continued to annihilate Gaza, bombing the world’s third oldest church and murdering roughly a thousand Palestinians, including 140 children and 105 women. He added that 4,100 people have been injured and that 123,000 people are already internally displaced, with the figure projected to climb.

As Israel imposes a siege on Gaza, cutting off electricity, water, food, and gasoline, videos show explosions leveling structures.

The Palestinian ambassador, on the other hand, reiterated that the Palestinians are undeterred and are committed to defeat and stop Israeli aggression and occupation of their territories.

Meanwhile, Israel’s ambassador to Nigeria, Michael Freeman, accused Iran of masterminding Hamas’ attack on Israel on Monday.

According to Freeman, Iran is sponsoring the violence in order to destabilize the region surrounding Israel.

“It’s a major concern for us. We know that Iran is behind these attacks by Hamas. Iran is the one who gave permission. Iran is the one who funds Hamas. They are doing everything in order to destabilise the region,” he said on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily.

“They are also backing Hezbollah and Lebanon; they are backing other terror groups in the West Bank. They are backing terror groups in Syria. Iran is doing everything because they don’t want to see progress. They don’t want to see peace, they want to see death and destruction,” he said.

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