Michael Jordan Could Serve as Best Man at Son’s Wedding to Larsa Pippen

Although NBA icon Michael Jordan has stated that he does not approve of his son Marcus dating Larsa Pippen, the 32-year-old appears to want his father to be his right-hand man for his wedding to the Real Housewives of Miami star.

According to TODAY.com, the couple discussed their wedding preparations on the Pablo Torre Finds Out podcast, with Marcus saying he wanted his father, the six-time NBA champion, to continue a family tradition of becoming the best man at his wedding.

“I was the best man at his wedding and the best man at my brother’s wedding, and so obviously, we’ll keep that tradition going is my thoughts on it,” Marcus responded when he was asked if his father would deliver a speech at their wedding.

Elsewhere in the interview, Marcus also spoke about his desire to host multiple weddings. “We’re very private people, the Jordans, and so if it was up to me, I think we would do maybe multiple weddings: one private for our family and friends and then maybe there’s one that’s a little more public,” the 32-year-old said. “But you know, I guess time will tell.”

Larsa is also a member of the Real Housewives of Miami ensemble, and Marcus claims that producers have already inquired about if they will eventually marry and whether they would be willing to have their union recorded on television.

“That’s another thing that we’re kind of playing along, whether or not it will air,” said Marcus.


Jordan publicly disapproved of his son’s connection with Larsa, as How Africa previously reported. According to TMZ, Jordan, 60, was asked about his son’s girlfriend as he was getting into his car after dinner in Paris. A photographer can be heard in the footage asking the former Chicago Bulls player if he approved of his son’s relationship with the Real Housewives of Miami star. Jordan initially laughs in answer to the question before responding, “No!” when it is repeated.

After being asked the same question for the third time, the NBA Hall of Famer and businessman appeared to shake his head. Marcus and Larsa’s relationship made headlines, especially because the 49-year-old is the ex-wife of Michael Jordan’s former Chicago Bulls teammate Scottie Pippen.

Although Jordan and Pippen won several titles for the basketball team, their relationship appears to have soured after Pippen expressed his distaste with Jordan’s The Last Dance Netflix-ESPN documentary. In his memoir Unguarded, he also condemned Jordan.



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