Lexie Jones: Black Teen Makes History by Graduating High School at the Age of 15


At the age of 15, Lexie Jones, a high school student in Alabama, will become not only the youngest graduate but also the youngest valedictorian in history.


According to WBRC News, Jones, a Thompson High School student, will attend the University of Alabama in the fall and major in marketing. She skipped kindergarten at a young age, and last year, she learned that she may graduate early after speaking with her counselor.


The Alabama teen had no plans of graduating early but “just kind of took that opportunity” and has since not regretted it, she told WBRC News. Her last weeks in high school have been tough, though, as she prepares to graduate by studying for her AP test and her final exams, among other things. These responsibilities have not however stopped her from socializing with her friends.


“These last few weeks have kind of been more stressful than others. It’s been a little bit more studying, but out of school, I have been seeing my friends more,” explained the 15-year-old who advised those willing to follow in her footsteps never to forget the need to make time for themselves.


Jones’ achievement comes after 16-year-old LeAnna Roberts made headlines recently on news that she is getting ready to graduate from the University of Alabama with the highest honor.


She had obstacles throughout her college career, but she overcame them all with amazing bravery and optimism. She also held leadership roles in various honor societies, giving her a comprehensive and well-rounded university education.

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