How Mushiya Tshikukao is Using Her Beauty Brand to Help Combat Menstrual Trauma


Mushiya Tshikuka, the founder and CEO of Runway Curls, has revealed that the well-known hair care company is now known as MUSHIYA Beauty. The change in the brand name is the result of Tshikuka’s vision to expand its product line while remaining true to its core values of empowering women to embrace their natural hair textures throughout the U.S. and across the African diaspora, according to Black News. The company is known for providing its clients with high-quality natural hair wigs and extensions.

“I am thrilled to announce the launch of MUSHIYA Beauty. Our new brand name does not only reflect our continuous commitment toward providing our customers with the best in natural hair wigs and extensions, but it also reflects our full spectrum of new beauty products and accessories to further celebrate their natural beauty.” She said.

“From Atlanta, Georgia to the Republic of Congo, MUSHIYA aims to provide an arsenal of products that make women of color feel unstoppable and unapologetically gorgeous in all things natural beauty.”

Tshikuka is the creator of the Mushiya Foundation, whose NOIRE campaign aims to raise awareness of menstrual trauma among women and girls in the Republic of Congo.

The effort, NOIRE, which the CEO refers to as her “passion project,” comprises of outreach, advocacy, and education aimed at removing social, cultural, and economic barriers that prohibit women and girls from accessing menstrual health resources and equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to take control of their reproductive health.

To support the production and distribution of free Noire Sanitary napkins to women and girls in the Congo who need these essential supplies, Tshikuka provides $1 from every purchase of MUSHIYA Beauty items.

She describes how being of Congolese descent has given her the opportunity to personally witness the painful menstruation agony endured by women and girls there. This influenced her to make a society where women and girls may live proudly and without the stigma associated with menstruation.

She claims that in order to resolve the situation, she plans to work together with MUSHIYA Beauty’s clients and the local Congolese community.

The WETV reality series Cutting It in the ATL has made the 42-year-old hairstylist and television personality particularly well known. She has served as the creative director and proprietor of the “The Damn Salon” in Atlanta. She was born and raised in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. She got the “Creative Hairstylist of the Year Award” at the BB Awards ceremony in 2020, according to When We Speak TV.

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