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How Single Mum Sold Cakes to Raise Money to Pay Her Mortgage and Became an Overnight Success

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Her story moved many across the country; Angela Logan, a single mother, faced foreclosure on the home she had lived in for 20 years unless she took drastic action to raise the money to pay her mortgage. She only had a little time to come up with $2,559.54 to pay her mortgage lender. Angela came up with a scheme to pay off her debt, figuring that if she could sell 100 apple cakes in 10 days, she might be able to at least keep her house.

She was motivated by her boys’ and friends’ affection for her cakes, so if she could make more, she might be able to keep her house. In the midst of the crisis, Angela created 42 cakes, selling each one for $40. Her story gained global attention and ultimately helped her save her home. In addition to giving her a somewhere to sleep, that precipice-to-cliff moment also provided her with a business, a reliable source of revenue.

According to Maccakes, Mortgage Apple Cakes is currently one of the most successful companies, providing cakes to a throng of clients. Angela was one of several homeowners who had trouble paying their mortgages in 2009. After her home was rebuilt, the company that arranged the deal for her left her with thousands of invoices to pay.

When she was in need, all she could think about was baking in her Teaneck kitchen with four cake pans, a recipe that her grandmother had passed down to her, and another that she had picked up while visiting Kansas. After her tale was covered by the media, she received 900 orders, earning her $36,000—more than enough to pay off the mortgage on her house. Angela has continued to manage her cake business for more than ten years.

When she was first studying nursing at Bergen Community Clinic, she braided her hair in order to survive. She intended to use the money from this to continue living at her Ramapo Road house. Despite the difficulties, she established Mortgage Apple Cakes and Bakery as well as a café on Chestnut Avenue in 2016. She had no intention of giving up her newfound affection.

In the industrial kitchen that Angela has rented, she bakes all day and all night. Currently, she is trying to earn enough money to monthly rescue the home of a stranger with a similar story. Her experience has taught her that being a part of a community prevents one from losing out during a time of distress. Oprah claims that she continues because she enjoys what she does.

She had the opportunity to start this business years ago, but like many young people, she was hesitant to approach neighbors and ask them to purchase the goods she could make. But that pride was destroyed by the storm she faced. She has continued to instill in her three sons that they should not be ashamed to work hard to earn their livelihood by adhering to this concept. A movie based on her life, “Apple Mortgage Cake,” was released in 2014.

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