North Carolina Resident Intends to Use $100K Lottery Prize Money to Build Schools in Mali


Mali-born dance instructor and North Carolina resident Souleymane Sana just won a $100,000 prize. The 39-year-old said that his lotto win will allow him to realize his “dream” of building more schools in his Mali homeland.


The North Carolina Education Lottery stated in a press statement that Sana purchased the $30 Millionaire Maker scratch-off ticket at a Neuse Shop & Fuel location in Kinston. The lotto winner claimed he will keep trying his hardest to “help build more classrooms for the children in Mali” since “that is the thing” that “really makes him happy.”


Sana, who has established a nonprofit to help people back home in Mali, said one of the major reasons behind buying the scratch ticket was “to be able to keep helping” his compatriots. “This was my dream,” he revealed.


Besides the schools, Sana also said he intends to build a dance center, the Insider reported. “I love to dance and I want to teach the children in Mali to love it too,” the 39-year-old stated. “If you talk about culture and you talk about education, they both go together. Some of the money is going to be used to start building a dance center there.”


Lottery officials said Sana opted to take home a lump-sum amount of $71,259 after taxes. He also said he will not stop playing scratch-offs as his aim is to use the possible winnings to help others.


“My dream is just becoming true little by little and I hope it will keep going,” Sana said.

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