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From a Graphic Designer to a CEO Worth over $2.98 Million: The Story of Don Charlton

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Every stage of his childhood was a reflection of extreme poverty. Except when he wants to draw inspiration from his journey of persistence, Don Charlton feels hesitant to discuss this experience because it is one of his worst ones. He never imagined being an entrepreneur or having the chance to go to college in the future as the CEO of Resumator.

Being able to eat three square meals each day and dealing with a mother who was mentally ill were the only things that mattered to him. But it was these unfavorable facts that gave him the motivation to start his own business.

When Charlton was just 10 years old, he started controlling his fate. One afternoon when he was starving, all he wanted was a $0.25 Little Debbie snack. He searched and searched in his room, but he couldn’t find a dime. Despite being depressing, that instant sparked an insight that completely altered his course of action.

He aspired for his life to mean more than just money, and a high school career counselor gave him a helping hand. He explained to Charlton the limited options a computer may offer him in the future and focused his attention on graphic design so Charlton could pursue his interest in sketching professionally.

Following his graduation from college, he was able to advance professionally by taking a job with the tiny design business Agnew Moyer Smith thanks to the skills he had acquired. He was forced to make the difficult decision that he would only be hired if he was prepared to learn how to design websites, and he quickly developed a passion for computer programming and began designing more than was necessary.

When his superiors questioned why he did not seek their approval before moving on with his projects, he responded that he required a difficult task that would expose him to failure. As a result, while evaluating his performance, his management gave him the chance to present projects to companies like McDonald’s, Steelcase, and Caterpillar. But instead of being a cause of failure, those challenges helped him develop personally and pave the way for his independence.

At the age of 27, he made his first attempt at starting his own company because he believed that his ten years of job experience had given him sufficient knowledge to do it. But since he lacked the necessary skills and experience, the first business he founded to provide content management system services failed before it could turn a profit.

Forbes claims that whereas many would have given up after one attempt, Charlton was steadfast. After learning from his first mistakes, he launched initiative number two, which eventually became the Resumator. To secure the success of the second enterprise, he was confident in pushing the envelope.

Even though difficult times forced him to search for employment while managing his business, he understood the split dedication hampered the development of his startup and made the decision to leave his position with Grasshoppers and formally create the Resumator.

Thousands of firms utilize the Resumator, which has a market value of $2.98 million, to choose job candidates. The platform was once utilized by President Barack Obama to assess job applications that were on his desk.

Charlton advises aspiring business owners to take a lesson from the mistakes made by seasoned CEOs. According to him, starting a firm needs understanding how to sustain it before it starts to generate revenue.

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