How Eagles Quarterback Jalen Hurts Spent His First $1M In The NFL




With the Philadelphia Eagles’ (7-0) start to the season, all eyes have been on Jalen Hurts.

In the 2021 football season, the rising star took over as starting quarterback. Hurts was drafted in the second round of the 2020 NFL draft and signed a $6.02 million contract that included a fully guaranteed $1.94 million with workout bonuses in years three and four.

“If I could give any rookie coming into the NFL any advice, it would be to be wise with your choices and decisions for the first time ever in your life,” Hurts told GQ Sports in 2021. “I know you have things you’ve always wanted to have, and that’s great like, go get it.” You deserved it. But also be wise, mindful, and prepared. It passes quickly. So Uncle Sam exists.”

The 24-year-old put his money where his mouth is by detailing how he spent his first million dollars.

Jalen Hurts’ $1 Million Rookie Year Breakdown

  • Philadelphia gear, $1,000 (and a $13 cheesesteak from Larry’s)
  • Jewelry and shoes, $30,000
  • Charities and giving back, $60,000

“So, as the holiday season approached the end of the year, I was looking for a family to bless — I actually met this family through Alex’s Lemonade Stand.” It’s a Philadelphia-based foundation that primarily funds cancer research. And I got to meet the family, as well as Eric. Eric has a very rare cancer that he overcame.”

Hurts presented Eric’s family with a $30,000 check for a downpayment on a new house, as well as games, systems, and a television for Eric.


  • Living expenses (Rent, wifi, phone bills, etc.) – $30,000
  • Business Fees (For his agent and financial advisor) – $20,000
  • Offseason Treatment (Training and self-care) – $10,000
  • Home Improvement for his mom’s house – $15,000
  • Brother’s wedding – $1,000
  • Paid off his car – $10,000

“I didn’t see the need to get a brand new car. My 300 ride just right to me. I got that car when i was in college, a used car, low mileage, having the money I have now, I had the capabilities of paying it off.”

  • Future vacation(s), $15,000
  • Sister’s tuition, $70,000
  • Savings, $835,000

While he was modest and wise with his money, Sports Illustrated called his contract “the NFL’s most undervalued.”

“Hurts now takes the mantle previously held by Russell Wilson and then by Dak Prescott as the NFL’s most undervalued player,” according to the outlet. “As with the Seahawks and Cowboys before them, the Eagles are receiving truly exceptional value at the most important position.” They pay Hurts about $1 million a year while he plays at a level where players earn $30 million to $45 million.”

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