Colt Incest Family: Inside Australia’s Most Inbred Clan’s Warped Family Tree Following the Discovery of Boorowa


A family tree of the depraved clan, whose discovery living in isolation in the hills behind a country town rocked the world, shows its tangled bloodlines, according dailymail UK reports.

Authorities discovered the clan living in filthy conditions on an isolated bush block outside Boorowa, four hours south-west of Sydney, after four generations of inbreeding went virtually unnoticed.

In 2012, shocked police and welfare workers discovered a living area of the farm that’s smelled of urine and feces’ and had open buckets among the sleeping areas, as well as about 20 dogs.

Tim Colt, the family’s patriarch who had moved the family between rural Victoria, Western Australia, and South Australia to avoid detection while fathering his daughter’s children, had died by that time.

Tim’s wife, June, who was the product of a brother and sister relationship, had also died, but not before at least two of her children, a sister and a brother, had their own firmly established relationship.

And two of the next generation – a brother and sister who were Tim’s favorite daughter Betty’s children – had also gotten together and had three children, one of whom had died from a genetic disorder.

The rampant sexual practices described in the original NSW Children’s Court decision among the Colt children, as well as their detachment from society, suggested that the practices would have continued.

The court assigned the family the alias Colt in order to protect the identities of the children, 12 of whom were removed due to neglect.

DNA testing revealed that all but one of the children removed had homozygosity, indicating that their parents were closely related or very closely related, implying that their parents were a brother and sister or a parent and child.

Many of the children spoke incoherently, shuffled their steps, had never used toilet paper or a toothbrush, couldn’t read or write, and had fungal infections and rotting teeth.

The kids were filthy, dressed filthily, and were shy and unable to make eye contact. They were malnourished and sexually abused and assaulted on a regular basis, it was revealed.

The Colts were dispersed across four states after being removed from the communal compound by NSW’s then-Family and Community Services department.

The farm was also sold, which left some of them heartbroken and dissatisfied.


Tim Colt, the family patriarch, imagined himself as a traveling minstrel, frontman for his touring family band.

He and June Colt, who died in 2001 in Victoria, had seven children: Rhonda, Betty, Cherry, Frank, Charlie, Paula, and Martha.

He sexually abused his own daughters, particularly Betty, who bore 13 children, nine of whom were among the Colt children DNA tested and five of whom were discovered to be the children of related parents.


Betty was likely sexually abused by her father when she was as young as 12 years old, according to court documents, and Tim, who died in 2009, was the name given by some of her children when asked who their father was.

Betty Colt’s solicitor submitted to the court a letter in which she stated that she had been informed that Betty, Rhonda, and Martha Colt’s maternal grandparents – their mother June’s parents – were brother and sister.


Betty Colt, now in her early 50s, is the mother of 13, grandmother of at least four, and had five of her children removed from her care in 2012, two of whom, Billy and Bobby, she attempted to abduct from foster care.

Betty smuggled a mobile phone and charger to the boys, who were 14 and 15, during contact visits, and then set up a ‘runaway plan,’ recruiting her elder son Bobby to kidnap Billy.

She intended to take Bobby and Billy to South Australia to work as fruit pickers.

DNA tests revealed Bobby’s father was either Betty’s father or one of her brothers, and wiretaps revealed the then 48-year-old was having a sexualized relationship with the 15-year-old.

Betty referred to her son as a “big boy,” told him he had a “sexy” voice, and said she couldn’t wait to see him again.

‘They’ll find it very hard to f***ing get you back,’ she told Bobby.

‘They don’t know who your father is…don’t talk to anyone, tell Billy not to talk to anyone.’

Betty Colt was sentenced to a year in prison for the kidnapping plot and is now believed to be living in country NSW with one of her sons, who is now in his twenties.

Carmen, Betty’s youngest daughter, revealed that she had sex with family members after being taken into care.

She also claimed that three of her brothers, Brian, Dwayne, and Billy, once took her and Kimberly, the adolescent daughter of Betty’s daughter Raylene, to the bush, tied them to a tree, and stripped them naked.

She also claimed to have witnessed her brother Dwayne having sex with Cindy, Carmen and Dwayne’s aunt Rhonda’s five-year-old daughter.

Carmen was quoted as saying that her father was her maternal uncle, Charlie Colt


Martha Colt had six children, one of whom died and the other four were the result of a father-daughter or brother-sister relationship.

A judge ruled that Martha Colt engaged in consanguineous, incestuous sexual relations within the Colt family group after authorities raided the Colts’ rural compound outside Boorowa.

Authorities were told by Martha’s children that she and her brother Charlie Charlie Colt shared a bed in one of the farm’s tents.

Ruth and Nadia, Martha’s daughters, later told their caregivers that their brothers Albert, Jed, and Karl showed them books with pictures of naked men and women and touched their breasts.

They claimed that their 15-year-old brother Albert had sex with their nine- and seven-year-old sisters.


Nadia stated that she did not like what her brothers did to her, including touching her chest and bottom, and that when she told her mother Martha, Charlie Colt smacked the boys with a “big belt.”

Martha’s daughters were both underweight, had no idea how to use a toilet or what toilet paper was, and had never seen a toothbrush.


Betty’s oldest child, Raylene was born when her mother was just 15 or 16 and enjoyed a close relationship with her.

Raylene had one daughter, 13-year-old Kimberly, who was also removed from the Boorowa farm on July 18, 2012 along with five of Betty’s children, all of Martha’s and Rhonda’s youngest, Cindy.

After that traumatic day, Raylene contended that Kimberly’s father was a man called Sven, a backpacker from Sweden or Switzerland who she met on a date in Victoria.

But tests proved her child’s father was a relative, and and Kimberly later told a psychologist that she had the same father as her mother, Raylene Colt, and her grandmother, Betty Colt.


Kimberly also stated that she and her cousin Carmen had oral sex with Dwayne, Carmen’s brother, and that her mother Raylene was aware of this.

She also told Raylene about other sexual encounters she had with her uncles Joe, Bobby, and Dwayne.

Kimberly was initially abusive to caseworkers, threatening to cut one’s fingers off and saying, “You wait until Charlie finds out.” Charlie will come get us’.

She needed to be taught how to brush her teeth, use toilet paper, comb her hair, and eat with a knife and fork because she had urgent dental problems, hearing and speech problems, and was illiterate.

She did reveal the extensive sexual interaction she’d had with her brothers and cousin, as well as the fact that her mother Raylene was aware of it.


Tammy Colt, Betty’s second daughter, was 27 years old and had moved to Victoria when the rest of the Colts were discovered.

She admitted to a caseworker that she had a relationship with her younger brother, Derek Colt, and that he was the father of her three children.

She had two surviving children, Fiona, 4, and Anna, 3, who had been taken into care, and a third, Sally, who had died at the age of two months.

Sally died in a Canberra hospital in 2012 from Zellweger syndrome, a rare and ‘universally lethal’ genetic disorder that developed after the child was born with extremely dysmorphic features such as a thick short neck and low set ears.

Tammy Colt (left) told a caseworker she had been in a relationship with her younger brother, Derek Colt (right), and that he was the father of her three children

Tammy revealed that she had been sexually abused within the Colt family since the age of 12, when other family members, including her brothers Colin and Derek, and two cousins, began having sex with her.

She claimed that her sisters Raylene, Tracy, Jane, and Penny experienced the same thing, and that their mother Betty Colt encouraged them to participate.

They were not allowed to see a doctor while pregnant for fear of being discovered.

She was aware of several miscarriages on the Boorowa farm, and she used to hide from her brothers to avoid sex, and she secretly started taking the pill at the age of 16 without her mother’s knowledge.


Martha Colt’s three sons had a close relationship with their mother and expressed a desire to be returned to her care after their removal.

They have reunited with Martha now that they are all in their 20s, though it is unclear if they have also re-established contact with Charlie Colt, the uncle who is thought to be at least two of the men’s father.

When the brothers were discovered on the farm at the ages of 11, 13, and 14, they were physically and mentally handicapped.

Albert Colt, the oldest, was unable to be understood when he spoke, had poor personal hygiene, required immediate dental work, had a hearing impairment, and had limited reading skills.

Martha Colt with her three sons, Albert, Karl and Jed, who when removed from her care could hardly read or wash and their speech was unable to be understood

His sisters and cousins claimed he abused them sexually on the farm.

Jed Colt had a bacterial infection on the soles of his feet, severe hearing loss, poor personal hygiene, a tongue infection, and fungal infections on his toes when he arrived.

His speech was illegible, and he was cognitively impaired.

Karl, Martha’s youngest son at the time, was very thin, had poor personal hygiene, and his speech was difficult to understand.

He shuffled his steps, had tonsil and adenoid problems, limited reading ability, and cognitive impairment. He threatened to stab staff with pencils and cut their throats after being taken into custody.

Martha, the boys’ mother, posted videos sent to her by her sons complaining about their treatment in care on Facebook in 2018.

Karl Colt complained about being threatened and bashed in care in a halting and often indistinct voice.

I’m hiding… foot on the backside of the head’.

He claimed that caregivers told him to “shut up,” which he described as “sad and unfair.”

Jed’s video, in which his diction is so shaky that it sounds more like a dialect than English, talked about how ‘tough’ it was, how someone ‘wanted money,’ and why’make the boys upset’.

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