CFFC Awards Scholarships to Local Students

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The Community Foundation of Fayette County congratulates the 87 students who have been chosen for scholarship awards for the academic year 2023-2024. A total of $192,604 will be awarded from 47 scholarship funds established to assist students seeking higher education.

“These scholarship funds help us invest in the future of Fayette County, by supporting a variety of students in their education and career path. Our committee carefully reviews hundreds of applications to select the best candidates, aiming to meet the goals of the generous donors who created the funds,” said Angela Braun DC, CFFC board chairman and scholarship committee chairman.

Scholarship funds are established to honor or remember a loved one, to support specific career pathways, or just to give back to the community. CFFC collaborates with donors to establish criteria for each scholarship fund, such as academic excellence, community service, financial need, extracurricular engagement, area of study, or school preference.

“Our scholarship program is a team effort between staff, board members, community volunteers, donors, and guidance offices. We thank everyone who makes it possible to support students in this way,” said Renee M. Couser, CFFC executive director.

Through CFFC’s partnership with the Pennsylvania Access to Higher Education Program, qualifying students may have their scholarship awards matched by the state.

2023-2024 CFFC Scholarship List

Alfred E. and Anna B. Jones Scholarship: Nina D’Andrea, Benjamin Diamond, Haley Filcheck, Alyssa Grimm, Payton Hostetler, Lilianna Hug

Allen Craft Memorial Scholarship: Erica Rishel, Benjamin Wilson, Juliet Wontroba

Arthur and Millicent Gabriel Scholarship: Valentina Gulino, Malcolm Patton, Kylee Kurnot, Brooklyn Williams, Kaitlyn Adams, Jordan O’Brien, Bridget White

Betty Bayne Barnes Scholarship for Women: Brandy Sickles

Burchinal Family Endowment Education Awards: Bethany DuBois, Carly Grimm, Tyler Hawk, Heather Kisner, Elyse Knopsnider, Frank Kula, Jodi Lowery, Gabriel Ranker, Brandy Sickles, Alden Voss

Career and Technical Education Scholarship: Skye Tucker

Carl S. Micarelli Memorial Scholarship: Emmy Wingrove

CFFC Board of Directors Scholarship: Gabriel Kemp

Chris G. and Alice Omiros Scholars Fund: Tyler Hawk

Cupelli Family Scholarship: Carly Grimm

Darrell L. and Norma R. Uphold Family Scholarship: Abigail Wystepek

Deana Martorella Memorial Scholarship: Elizabeth Eddy

Dr. Dennis F. Brestensky Scholarship: Riley Rankin

Dr. Paul Pipik Scholarship for Study in the Health Science: Alysse Teeter

Dr. William C. Thomas, Jr. Perseverance Scholarship: Karsyn Lucy

Edward T. Yezioro Memorial Scholarship: Nicholas Pecsko

George M. and Anna w. Hochheimer Scholarship: Alden Voss

Helen Hulvey Scheggia Nursing Scholarship: Mitchel Anderson, Sarah Maldovan

Henry J. Oppermann Scholarshi: Dylan Brooks, Austin Molinaro

Hughes Family Scholarship: Chloe Deguia

Johnson Matthey Scholarship: Abigail Barnes, Jerry Jiang

Kathleen DiMarco Gulino Memorial Scholarship: Mia Pierce

Laurel Highlands Mustang Academic Scholarship: Sienna Dean, Mackenzie Nicklow

Legacy Scholarship Fund of Ernst Gottlieb Braun: Keegan Fonder

Lillian’s Legacy Scholarship: Emi Curcio, Paige Miller, Alysse Teeter

Lulu A. Dudley Scholarship: Valen Lilley, Jacqueline Maendel, Gianna Valenti

M. Frances and George J. Plava Educational Award: Jerry Jiang, Sydney Larew

Mary Jane Dailey Wood Scholarship: Parker Kern, Tanner Uphold, Jenna Voyten

Maurice M. Bortz and Bessie D. Rinehart Memorial Scholarship: Frank Kula

Melvin J. and Beatrice Vance Keller Memorial Scholarship: Josie Bittner

Michael S. Carbonara Memorial Scholarship: Bailey Lemansky

My Mother’s Legacy Scholarship: Nina D’Andrea

Nancy Flanegan McManus Nursing Scholarship: Abigail Wystepek

Nancy Vance Jones Scholarship: Trudy Diamond, Alysse Teeter, Jenna Voyten

Palmer F. Sabatine Scholarship: Livia Mehalovich

Parker A. Hess Memorial Scholarship: Charlotte Crouse, Zoey Thomas

Rita P. Peters Scholarship: Maximus Nassar

Robert and Marjorie Rager Scholarship: Audrey Morrison

Robert E. and Elouise R. Eberly Scholarship: Gracie Dally

Sam’s Symphony of Love Scholarship: Elizabeth Eddy

Sergeant Eric Hull Memorial Scholarship: Alyssa Grimm

Suzanne J. McMonagle Nursing Scholarship: Alysha Lessman

Tylar Andaloro Memorial Scholarship: Valentina Gulino, Mia Pierce

Uniontown College Club CFFC Scholarship: Claire White

Virginia Eberharter Scholarship: Autumn Ansell, Arley Wilson

Virginia Springer Memorial Scholarship: Julie Cooper, Benjamin Diamond, Bailey Edenfield, Haley Filcheck, Rebecca Mihalko, Grace Taylor, Kaleb Walls

Wolford Swimmer Memorial Scholarship: Grant Barcheck, Josie Bittner, James Brown, Jocelyn Gratchic, Olivia Hellen, Matthew Kaminsky, Claire Konieczny, Sydney Larew, Brandon Paroda, Brittney Roberts, Braylin Salisbury, Jenna Schnatterly, Laila Suarez, Serenity Swihart-Fullem, Lily Taylor

Zackery R. Nelson Memorial Scholarship: Allison Lowery

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