Burkina Faso’s Richest Man Bonkoungou Launches Online Car Reservation Platform in Togo

Mahamadou Bonkoungou, Burkina Faso’s wealthiest man, is expanding his business empire with the launch of “BKG SPEED,” an online car reservation platform aimed at revolutionizing Togo’s on-demand transportation system.

In an effort to diversify his conglomerate, the 58-year-old billionaire and owner of EBOMAF, one of West Africa’s major construction companies, has launched “BKG SPEED,” an innovative car reservation platform.

Bonkoungou’s recent strategic efforts include expanding his financial services businesses, IB Holding and IB Bank, and successfully launching Liz Aviation, a commercial airline, in April 2023.

The recently launched car reservation site, operated by the subsidiary Bonkoungou Distribution (BKG), expands Mahamadou Bonkoungou’s presence in Togo.

This portal will allow customers to order and book automobiles for a variety of activities, as well as access racing, food, and parcel delivery services. The operational scope extends throughout Togo, aided by a fleet of 500 brand-new vehicles and professional drivers stationed throughout the country.

Prisca Somda, Communications Manager at BKG SPEED, emphasized the company’s aim, adding, “Our ambition is to revolutionize the on-demand transportation system, add value to our customers, and actively participate in the growth of the Togolese economy and job creation.”

Mahamadou Bonkoungou’s arrival into the online automobile reservation business is expected to increase competition, pitting established firms like Gozem against rising ones like Kingoo. Bonkoungou, who purchased the “Le Klic” platform four months ago, plans to extend his firm throughout the UEMOA and ECOWAS areas.

To support this expansion, Bonkoungou intends to build on the success of “Le Klic” and harness the robust infrastructure of the newly established BKG SPEED platform. This strategic decision demonstrates his desire to develop a strong footprint in the competitive West African sector.

Bonkoungou recently expanded into healthcare with the opening of the Princess Sarah Clinic in Ouaga 2000, an extension of Burkina Faso’s capital. Princess Sarah facility collaborates with a Turkish facility to handle patient evacuation concerns, hence improving Burkina Faso’s entire healthcare landscape.

Bonkoungou’s entry into online automobile reservations and related services represents a new chapter in his entrepreneurial journey, reflecting the region’s shifting digital economy characteristics.

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