Namibian Businessman Sven Thieme leads O&L in Acquiring Dimension Data Namibia

Namibia’s largest privately held company, Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group, led by Namibian businessman Sven Thieme, is set to become Dimension Data Namibia’s sole shareholder, marking a significant milestone in the company’s journey to solidify its status as a leading Systems Integration and ICT solutions provider in the region.

The transaction, pending regulatory approvals, marks a significant milestone for O&L Group, after Thieme’s successful sale of a 50% stake in NBL Investment Holdings Limited to Dutch brewer Heineken N.V. in November 2021. The move establishes O&L as a prominent player in Namibia’s ICT sector, demonstrating the company’s unwavering commitment to bringing about dramatic change in the country’s technological landscape.

Sven Thieme, chairman of O&L Group, highlighted his belief in the transaction’s revolutionary potential, saying, “At O&L, we believe this acquisition empowers us to drive transformative change, innovate fearlessly, and compete fiercely in a technology-driven world.” He stressed the strategic relevance of becoming Dimension Data Namibia’s sole shareholder, which allows O&L to get access to global experience and solutions while cultivating a distinctly Namibian brand.

Annalize Van der Merwe, Managing Director of Dimension Data Namibia, expressed excitement about the next phase and promised stakeholders, clients, and workers of a smooth transition. “While our shareholding structure changes, our technical collaboration with Dimension Data and NTT remains intact, providing access to global expertise and solutions as we develop a proudly Namibian brand,” she went on to say.

Van der Merwe underlined O&L and Dimension Data Namibia’s commitment to job security and the growth of a strong, experienced, and resilient Namibian workforce. She stated that the management structure would stay similar, demonstrating a commitment to providing a supportive workplace for all employees.

O&L Group’s acquisition of Dimension Data Namibia is a crucial step towards altering Namibia’s ICT ecosystem. Under Sven Thieme’s leadership, the firm is well-positioned to use this strategic step to drive innovation, competitiveness, and growth in the technology sector, strengthening its position as a regional leader.

The strategic transaction demonstrates Thieme’s superior deal-making abilities and dedication to establishing O&L as a dominant force in the regional Systems Integration and ICT solutions market. This step highlights the O&L Group’s dedication to using technology’s immense potential to improve Namibian strategy, operations, and perspectives.

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