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Black Man Who Reportedly Told His Mother He Was Being Pursued By White Men Was Later Found Dead

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The family of a Black man whose body was discovered south of Taylorsville, Mississippi, has demanded a federal probe into his murder after local officials said there was “no cause to assume foul play was involved” in his death. According to NBC News, Rasheem Carter of Fayette told his mother shortly before his death that White guys were pursuing him and throwing racial obscenities at him.

The mother of the murdered 25-year-old said her son called the police for assistance and told her over the phone that he was being pursued by White males in trucks. Carter’s family was unable to contact him immediately afterwards and reported him missing on October 2.

However, following the discovery of his body on November 2, the Smith County Sheriff’s Department issued a statement on Facebook stating that there was no “reason to assume” the Black man’s death was the result of foul play. Meanwhile, the case was still under investigation when the statement was issued.

During a press conference on Monday, Carter’s lawyer, Benjamin Crump, told reporters that he believes the 25-year-body old’s was severed, adding that it was “not a natural death.” However, other relatives claim that authorities informed them that Carter’s body had been severed by wild animals.

“He was in so many different pieces,” Yokena Anderson, the cousin of Carter’s mother, said. “They wanted to tell us that he went there and fell dead and the animals were feeding off him.”

Tiffany Carter, Carter’s mother, said her son did not mince words when he warned her about his allegedly violent position during phone calls previous to his abduction. She also said he had never used drugs or alcohol and had no history of mental illness, according to NBC News.

She said she had her own reservations about her son’s supposed cause of death before she even saw the place his body was located. “When I went on the scene, the Holy Spirit hit me and said this is foul play,” Tiffany Carter said. “I knew then somebody had done something to him.”

Carter, a welder, has been working in Taylorsville after receiving a temporary contract. But, according to his mother, he and at least one coworker had a quarrel in October, leading him to flee the work site because he believed he was in danger.

“He said, ‘I got these men trying to kill me,’” she said. Tiffany Carter explained that she then told her son to seek help from the nearest police station, and later did not hear from him again.

During a news conference on Monday, Carter’s family and Crump blasted local authorities for keeping them in the dark for more than four months, as well as their initial assertion about the circumstances surrounding his death, according to NBC News. They claim the Black man’s death was the consequence of a hate crime.

“This was a nefarious act. This was an evil act,” Crump said. “Somebody murdered Rasheem Carter, and we cannot let them get away with this.”

Crump also called on the Justice Department to take over the case and initiate a civil rights probe. “This was not a natural death,” said Crump. “This represents a young man who was killed.”

Crump further stated that Carter’s spinal cord was not attached to his skull when his body was discovered, and that it was positioned in a separate location. “This is not natural in any way. “It begs for justice,” he remarked. “We’re witnessing a Mississippi lynching.”

When the body of the deceased Black guy was discovered, several of his teeth were also missing. His family believes he was assaulted before passing away.

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