10 Interesting Facts About Belgium You Need To Know

Belgium is located in Western Europe and borders four countries: France, Luxembourg, Germany, and the Netherlands. Belgium’s capital is Brussels, while other major cities include Antwerp, Ghent, and Bruges.

Although being one of the smallest countries in Western Europe, Belgium contributes greatly to the EU’s economy, history, tourism, and gastronomy.

Progressive, accepting ideas coexist with centuries-old architecture and breweries dating from the first half of the nineteenth century – it’s no surprise that this place is a favourite destination for expats.

Furthermore, Belgium has outstanding entertaining attractions such as castles, insane music festivals, top-notch art exhibitions, theme parks, and kayaking, making the country incredibly enjoyable to visit as a tourist.

Here are the 10 interesting facts about Belgium:

1. Belgium holds the world record for the highest number of days spent without an actual government. After the nationalist party left the prime minister’s coalition in 2018, there was no governing majority anymore, so it took 652 days to form a new government.


2. Antwerp is known as the World’s Diamond Capital. Over 84% of the world’s raw stones and 50% of the world’s polished diamonds pass through the second-largest Belgian city.


3.Jazz fans should be grateful to Belgium for inventing the saxophone. Adolphe Sax created this magnificent instrument in the nineteenth century.


4. Belgium is well-known for having the most congested roads in Europe; bear this in mind if you plan to rent a car. The inconvenient public transit system is the primary reason for this.


5. Belgium has three official languages: French (spoken in Wallonia), Dutch (spoken in the Flemish region), and German (spoken in the small eastern province of Liège).


6. Brussels is the unofficial capital of the European Union and the second-largest “international city” in the world, behind New York. In Belgium’s capital, there are dozens of embassies and international governmental and non-governmental organizations.


7. Belgium is known as the “castle country,” with the most castles per square mile in the world.


8. Travelling outside of the city in Belgium is an excellent opportunity to see lit roadways. The roadways are so well-lit that you can see them from the air. Don’t be afraid to travel between Belgian cities by car; prepare for the safest drive of your life.


9. Belgium is well-known for its beautiful flower carpets. Every two years, the Grand Place in Brussels transforms into a mosaic of stunning, multicolored buds. The next one will take place in August 2024.


10. Belgium is an extremely progressive and liberal country. Not only was this country the second in Europe to legalize same-sex marriages, but it also permitted homosexual partnerships in the seventeenth century.

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