Bali Introduces $10 Entry Tax for Foreign Tourists Starting on Valentine’s Day

Foreign travelers must now pay a 150,000 rupiah (£7.60; $9.60) entry fee to visit Bali, one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations.

Indonesian authorities claim that this is to protect the island’s environment and culture.

Bali is famous for its pristine beaches and surfing waves, as well as its breathtaking scenery.

According to official data, around 4.8 million tourists visited Bali between January and November of last year.

The tourist tax, first announced last year, went into force on Wednesday, Valentine’s Day.

It applies to foreign tourists entering the province from outside or other regions of the country, whereas indigenous Indonesian tourists are excluded. Travelers are encouraged to pay in advance through the Love Bali website.

Prior to the epidemic, tourism generated over 60% of Bali’s annual GDP.

According to the province’s statistics bureau, Australia was the leading source of international tourists in Bali in November 2023, with over 100,000 arrivals. This was followed by visitors from India, China, and Singapore.

However, unruly tourists in Bali have irritated locals in recent years.

In March, a Russian man was deported from Bali for stripping na-ked on Mount Agung, revered by Hindus as the home of the gods.

In the same month, officials announced a ban on foreign tourists driving motorcycles due to a number of traffic violations.

In 2021, there was also outrage when a three-minute video leaked of a Russian couple having sex on Mount Batur, another holy place.

The announcement coincided with the Indonesian presidential and legislative elections. More than 200 million people on Indonesia’s 17,000 islands and in three time zones are eligible to vote.

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