17-Year-Old Ian Schlitz Graduates with MBA from Tarleton State University


When he received his diploma from the University of North Texas at the age of 15, Ian Taylor Schiltz, now 17 years old, made headlines. According to The Black Wall Street Times, he kept his word, pursued his MBA, and eventually graduated, making him the youngest African American to ever acquire an MBA.

In 2016, Schlitz, then 11 years old, enrolled in Tarrant County Community College. He then went to the University of North Texas, where he earned a degree with honors. In 2021, he was then granted admission to Tarleton State University’s MBA program.

He admitted that his love of video games played a role in his decision to attend Tarleton State University, where he saw a chance to make a difference.

“I am thankful for the opportunities that the Tarleton State University MBA program has provided me. The program and faculty provided me with a great foundation of business fundamentals and helped me develop my critical thinking, leadership, and communication skills,” he said.

The young MBA holder further thanked the institution for welcoming him wholeheartedly and not letting his youth stop him from pursuing his education.

Schlitz, an enthusiastic Super Smash Bros. player and fan, saw that there weren’t many youngsters his age playing in local and regional competitions. In order to bring gaming back to children, he founded Kidlamity Gaming, fueled by his enthusiasm and observations.

The 17-year-old genius changed his business emphasis to develop BeinBian Studios, a boutique animation studio that specialized in custom block animation projects, refusing to let the Covid-19 pandemic derail his objectives. His passion and tenacity have propelled him to achieve remarkable success.

Schlitz has been admitted to the University of North Texas, where he will start another educational milestone to obtain a Ph.D. in learning technologies this Fall. However, Schlitz’s scholastic odyssey is not yet complete. He wants to investigate how gamifying instruction may be utilized to get pupils interested in learning various subjects. Additionally, he wants to make sure that Texas’ and America’s varied communities are welcomed and actively involved in the use of technology in education.

The young graduate shared that he was excited to pursue his passion in the areas of Technology. He wrote on Twitter, “Thankful to have completed my MBA from Tarleton State. Ready to come home to UNT and start my Ph.D. in Learning Technologies at UNTCOI this Fall.”

However, Ian Taylor Schlitz is not the only brainy child in his family. His sister, Hayley Taylor Schlitz was the youngest graduate from law school at the age of 19 in 2022.

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