15-Year-Old Black Teen From Alabama to Graduate High School


Lexie Jones, a 15-year-old African American student from Alabaster, Alabama, is about to graduate from high school. She also creates history by being the youngest valedictorian of her school.


Despite the fact that she skipped kindergarten at the time, Lexie, a student at Alabama’s Thompson High School, stated she had no intention of graduating early. She only became aware that she had this chance last year after speaking with her counselor. She is now eager to discover what the future holds for her.


“I’m not as nervous as I used to be, I’m kind of more excited now. It’s like a new chapter and I’m just excited to see what comes next for my future,” Lexie told WBRC.


Lexie is set to graduate high school sooner than later. She had been keeping herself busy with the preparations but she never forgets to still take time for herself.


“These last few weeks have kind of been more stressful than other few weeks,” she said. “I’ve had to study for my AP test and my final exams so, it’s a little bit more studying than other weeks. But other than that, out of school I have been seeing my friends more often than I have before this and I’m just excited.”


Lexie said she will be going to the University of Alabama where she will be majoring in marketing.

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