10 Most Budget-Friendly Cities for a Quick Break in Europe


If you travel wisely, a vacation to Europe doesn’t have to break the pocketbook. For less than £300, you can even spend two nights exploring a European city with proper planning. The UK Post Office publishes its City Costs Barometer each year to assess the prices of quick trips in various European destinations for British tourists. Lisbon, Portugal, has been named this year’s most affordable European city for a quick getaway. The most expensive European city for a quick getaway, on the other hand, was Amsterdam.


What makes Lisbon the most budget-friendly city in Europe?

In 35 European cities that travelers ranked as their top travel destinations, the City prices Barometer this year evaluated 12 typical visitor prices. These featured a variety of beverages, a two-person dinner for two with a bottle of house wine, two nights of three-star weekend lodging, sightseeing, and transportation inside the city. Lisbon turned out to be the most affordable city, with a total cost of £224.76. Lisbon had the cheapest hotel rates at just £121, as well as the cheapest food prices at £39.01. Vilnius, Lithuania, was the second most affordable city for a quick trip in Europe, costing a total of £225.01.


Here are the top 10 cities in Europe that emerged as best for value in 2023:

Lisbon, Portugal: £224.76
Vilnius, Lithuania: £225.01
Krakow, Poland: £250.91
Athens, Greece: £262.22
Riga, Latvia: £284.99
Porto, Portugal: £325.30
Zagreb, Croatia: £329.72
Budapest, Hungary: £330.53
Warsaw, Poland: £330.95
Lille, France: £332.11


What are the 10 most expensive European cities for a short break?

Amsterdam, Holland: £727.07
Venice, Italy: £687.06
Paris, France: £604.49
Dublin, Ireland: £600.99
Copenhagen, Denmark: £587.08
Florence, Italy: £580.29
Belfast, Northern Ireland: £561.55
London, England: £560.70
Geneva, Switzerland: £552.80
Berlin, Germany: £552.70

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