10 Cheapest Islands in the World That You Need to Visit

Dreaming of the most beautiful islands in the world, but your money account isn’t cooperating? Don’t worry, there’s plenty of beauty to see that won’t cost you a fortune.

Regardless of the cost of flying, one of the following island getaways is likely to fit even the most limited budget.

Here are 10 islands that were known for being relatively affordable:

1. Koh Rong, Cambodia: This island offers beautiful beaches and a relaxed atmosphere without breaking the bank.


2. Gili Islands, Indonesia: The Gili Islands are known for their clear waters, snorkeling, and diving. Gili Trawangan, the largest of the three islands, tends to be the most budget-friendly.


3. Utila, Honduras: Part of the Bay Islands, Utila is popular for its scuba diving and relatively affordable prices compared to other Caribbean destinations.


4. Koh Lanta, Thailand: This island offers a more laid-back vibe compared to some of Thailand’s more touristy islands, and it can be more budget-friendly.


5. Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua: Situated in Lake Nicaragua, this island features volcanoes and lush landscapes, making it an attractive yet affordable destination.


6. Roatán, Honduras: Another Bay Island, Roatán offers beautiful beaches and opportunities for diving and snorkeling without the high prices of some other Caribbean destinations.


7. Koh Tao, Thailand: Known for its diving courses and affordable accommodations, Koh Tao is a popular choice among backpackers.


8. Bali, Indonesia: While certain areas of Bali can be expensive, there are budget-friendly options for accommodations, dining, and transportation.


9. Siquijor, Philippines: This island is known for its natural beauty, including waterfalls and beaches, and it’s often considered more affordable than some other Philippine destinations.


10. Zanzibar, Tanzania: While Zanzibar offers luxury options, there are also budget-friendly guesthouses and activities, making it accessible to a wider range of travelers.

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