10 African Countries With The Slowest Mobile Internet Speeds

Mobile internet is a crucial driver of Africa’s digital revolution. This instrument has led to new chances for economic development, education, healthcare, and empowerment. With the continent’s rapid development in mobile penetration, an increasing number of people are discovering new ways to make the most of their digital gadgets.

While internet and mobile coverage in Africa is increasing, the continent’s fight for appropriate internet connectivity cannot be overlooked, particularly in rural regions.

Slow mobile internet connections in Africa are a complex issue with far-reaching repercussions.

While urban places across the continent are associated with better internet speeds, rural villages may not have the same advantages. Furthermore, the concept of data costs vs income levels creates a huge barrier to internet access for many Africans.

These concerns, while being worked on, represent the challenges connected with maximizing Africa’s digital economy.

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Slow mobile internet reduces productivity and innovation, suffocating the growth of enterprises and entrepreneurial endeavors that rely on digital platforms for market entry and efficiency. It also has an impact on education and healthcare, as digital solutions become more prevalent in these fields.

It is crucial to emphasize that not all African countries face the same challenges, although some are disproportionately affected.

With that said, these are the ten African countries with the worst mobile internet speeds at the beginning of 2024. This section includes statistics from the Speedtest Global Index.

The numbers, which date back to January 2024, indicate the median index. Speedtest Global Index ranks 144 nations throughout the world.

RankCountryInternet speed (Mbps)Global rank
8.Democratic Republic of Congo18.40119th

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