10 African Countries With The Fastest Mobile Internet Speeds

Fast mobile internet is driving Africa’s digital revolution, opening up new opportunities for economic development, education, healthcare, and empowerment. With the tremendous increase in mobile penetration in the country, more and more people are discovering new methods to make the most of their gadgets. Given the continent’s youthful population, this process has been flawless.

Africa, which is traditionally associated with connectivity challenges, is currently undergoing a digital revolution. With the proliferation of mobile devices and the growth of telecom infrastructure, mobile internet access is growing at an unprecedented rate across the continent.

Mobile penetration has skyrocketed across Africa, accelerating the continent’s digital transformation. The growth of mobile devices has resulted in a dramatic improvement in internet connectivity. 4G and 5G high-speed mobile internet services are becoming more widely available across the continent.

This has also helped to create economic opportunities for young, innovative brains. It has aided the emergence of digital entrepreneurship, allowing small enterprises to expand into new markets and customers to access online services.

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The benefits of fast mobile internet extend beyond commerce, into education, health, governance, and even leisure.

With that said, here are the top ten African countries with the fastest mobile internet speeds at the start of the new year. This section includes statistics from the Speedtest Global Index.

The numbers, which date back to January 2024, indicate the median index. Speedtest Global Index ranks 144 nations throughout the world.

RankCountryInternet speed (Mbps)Global rank
1.South Africa48.1156th
5.Côte d’Ivoire32.2375th

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