10 African Countries Plagued By Significant Police Bribery Rates

Security is a top priority in all societies, which is why countries invest much in defense and security systems to safeguard residents’ lives and property.

Obtaining security is a universal necessity, yet it is difficult for individuals all across the world, particularly in Africa, due in large part to security officers’ work attitudes.

For example, in Africa, residents are frequently forced to hand over their hard-earned money when reporting a crime or seeking assistance in an emergency. This money is frequently required to negotiate bureaucracy or assure a timely response from the police.

The prevalence of institutional corruption across the continent has exacerbated the difficulties citizens confront when dealing with the police. Although many African countries have anti-corruption legislation in place, its implementation is sometimes hampered.

According to an Afrobarometer survey of 39 African countries, minorities frequently report corruption, disproportionate force, and criminal behavior by police personnel.

The report sheds light on the difficulties that many Africans experience while attempting to obtain the same protection that law enforcement agencies are supposed to give.

The survey, which was performed between 2021 and 2023, indicated that only one in every three Africans believes their police officers act professionally and respect residents’ rights.

Among those who sought police assistance during the year in question, 54% said it was simple to acquire the assistance they required, while 36% said they had to pay a bribe.

The study found that negative evaluations of police professionalism and corruption are associated with low public faith in the police, poor government success in crime reduction, and citizens’ sense of insecurity.

The following are the ten African countries with the highest police bribery rates:

RankCountryPolice assistance
3Sierra Leone72%
7Burkina Faso62%

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