Why This Island Is The Most Affordable Caribbean Destination In 2023

Even while travel expenses, particularly airfares, are rising, some destinations are now less expensive than others.

According to a recent report conducted by travel insurance company Squaremouth, global travelers spend an average of more than $7,800 every trip.

The average cost of travel this summer, according to Squaremouth customers, was the most the firm had ever reported.

Prices for international travel, in particular, have increased by more than 25% over the previous year.

According to Squaremouth’s rankings, several Caribbean countries top the list of popular cheap travel destinations, including Puerto Rico, which is the cheapest area in the Caribbean.

The average cost of a trip to Puerto Rico for Squaremouth users was $3,907, which was higher than excursions to Bermuda, the Dominican Republic, and the Bahamas.

Jamaica and Aruba are among the 11 cheapest locations, according to the business.

What is the explanation for Puerto Rico’s low prices? Although the cost of living in Puerto Rico continues to grow, the cost of flying there as a US domestic destination is far lower.

For this reason, the island has once again had a strong tourist season this summer.Visitors are drawn in by low-cost flights, low-cost vacations, and the absence of a passport requirement.

Squaremouth Analytics examined travel insurance policy sales for trips scheduled before July 10 with departure dates between June 21 and September 23.

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