Why Snoop Dogg Doesn’t Drink The Alcohol He Endorses

Snoop Dogg clarified his position on keeping business strictly business. During an interview with comedian and actress Tiffany Haddish for his GGN YouTube show, the 51-year-old rap legend claimed he doesn’t drink any alcoholic beverages created by the firms he promotes in commercials.

Snoop’s statement came in response to a query from Haddish, who asked him how he was able to acquire endorsement deals from three separate alcohol companies and how she might learn from him.

He claimed that the companies he works with are fully aware of his stance and that his endorsement is only for commercial purposes. “What’s so cold is—they know it, and I can say it publicly—I don’t drink none of that sh*t.”

He continued, “And they know what it is. It’s like, Ni**a, you don’t pay me to drink it; you pay me to promote it. So, I’m not here to get drunk. I’m here to get money.” In the video’s comments area, the rapper reiterated his remarks, saying, “I’m not here to get drunk, I’m here to get money.”

According to Vibe, Snoop has fronted several alcoholic products during his career, including liquors, wine, and beer, most notably St. Ides, INDOGGO Gin, and Happy Dad.

According to the site, Snoop secured a multi-year deal with Treasury Wine Estates-owned Australian vineyard 19 Crimes to debut a bottle titled Snoop Cali Red in 2020.

He is also a Corona ambassador and has starred in ads alongside Karol G and Andy Samberg.


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