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Who is Richard Patterson? The Black Car Manufacturer Building Supercars with Diversity

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Richard Patterson, Trion’s CEO, is credited with breaking the glass ceiling in the modern car manufacturing market. Before moving into supercar manufacturing and design, his claim to fame was designing the Model S from the ground up as an engineer at Tesla.

He also designed the landing gear on the Boeing 777 and the Dodge Minivan’s folding seats system. When he decided to build his supercar, Nemesis RR, the ingenuity behind his innovation came into play once more. He has elevated diversity in the automotive industry and inspired culture dreamers.

When he left Tesla to pursue his dream of building a supercar that could compete with the world’s best, he believed that the disruptive way out was to incorporate his values of promoting black ownership. Richard’s vision for Trion was to create a supercar brand that represented black empowerment and inspired people of all races and backgrounds to pursue their dreams.

Richard conceived of Trion SuperCars in 2012 while serving as the company’s chief designer and CEO. According to ultranyc, it was founded to provide people with unparalleled driving experiences. With a 2,000 horsepower engine and a top speed of 300 miles per hour, the Nemesis was designed to be a world-class vehicle.

It was also designed to showcase the unique features of African American culture, such as the car’s aerodynamic shape inspired by African masks. It has been programmed to outpace any tesla model ever built, and its aerodynamic design features place it in the league of the Lamborghini and Ferrari.

Patterson’s path to becoming the first black supercar manufacturer and designer was not easy. According to prweb, he began working in the automotive industry at General Motors in Detroit, Michigan, when he was 15 years old. He is now one of only four automotive engineers in the world who can build a vehicle from schematics to finished product. This is the result of his three decades of experience working for various automotive companies in America.

As a result, he was unfazed when he faced numerous challenges along the way, such as raising capital for the project and finding skilled workers who shared his vision of creating a black-owned supercar. However, he persisted, and his efforts were rewarded with the release of the Nemesis in 2020.

He describes the Nemesis as a threat to any advanced automobile engine on the planet. Patterson’s success with Trion has inspired many people, particularly those from underrepresented communities, to pursue their dreams and make a difference in their fields. He hopes Trion will continue to promote diversity and inspire a dreamer culture for many years to come.

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