When Abdoulaye Touré Created A Solar Cooker In Senegal



Africa is on the move, but the continent is plagued by a lack of access to electricity on a daily basis. People use a lot of firewood to cook their meals, which has a negative impact on the environment. Because excessive use of this wood leads to deforestation in the absence of reforestation.

Abdoulaye Toure, a teacher and school director in Sinthiou-Garba, had the idea to build a solar oven for cooking food in order to improve people’s living conditions. This solar cooker is a good environmentally friendly alternative to deforestation and the energy crisis.

“We have to be like the Japanese, the Chinese, because today we are in the arena of development,” so we need to create African technology while preserving our environment and our cultures and being pioneers of it. ‘

He built the first prototype in 1900. When he first started building his first oven, people thought he was insane. To conduct the initial tests, he had to hide with his wife and a friend. The most beautiful moment in his life was when they were able to leather their first chickens. But there was a problem: the cooking was too slow.

In 1992, he began his development project. He gives out over a hundred to the people of the village. He was able to identify the advantages and disadvantages of his device and improve it thanks to the contributions of the women who used it.

The solar oven collects solar energy and converts it to heat. The sun’s rays are concentrated by the aluminum box. A larger and insulated box exists to keep the outer shell from heating up. This solar cooker is extremely useful for food preparation. We don’t need firewood because the sun is abundant in Africa.

The entrepreneur Abdoulaye Toure always makes contact with the population of villages in Senegal to train them and explain the benefits of the solar oven.

  • First, it shows them the different features of the oven.
  • Secondly, he shows village people how to make their own solar oven.

For the fabrication of these ovens, he shared his technological knowledge at the Derklé Research and Testing Center (CRE), which offers training to 13 carpenters and 20 women in the region. This local workforce is effective for the creation of ovens in large numbers.

The inhabitants are conquered by the solar oven.

“Every morning, I take out my solar cooker and wait for the sun to cook for me.The cooking is slow, so I’m not afraid that the bottom of the pan will burn, I just have to move the oven from time to time. follow the sun’s rays, “Ndong told IPS.

“As a father, the oven saves me money,” says Diouf.

Success. Prizes and awards

Thanks to its invention, 14,200 households living in Senegal are equipped with solar ovens to prepare their meals. This invention has been beneficial to improve their living conditions.

He has received many requests from other African countries such as Burkina Faso, Niger, Mauritania.

Our African entrepreneur teacher has received numerous awards and honors.

  • 1st prize of the President of the Republic of Invention and Innovation in 1998 (Senegal)
  • the ILCA (International Center for the Creation of Enterprise in Africa) Award in 1999
  • 1st prize of the Techno-Fair in Tambacoumba (Eastern Senegal) in 2001.
  • November 12, 2016, he was raised to the rank of Knight of the National Order of the Lion.


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