When a Father Discovers His Daughter is a Bully, What He Does Next is a Powerful Reminder to All Parents

Randy Smalls was bullied as a child, so he chose to give a gift to the victim of his daughter’s bullying in order to teach his daughter a lesson she will never forget.

“I say, ‘When you laugh along, you’re co-signing the bullying,'” the 35-year-old father of three explained to Yahoo Lifestyle, explaining why he decided to take these steps.

Ryan Reese, a seventh-grade student at Berkeley Middle School who had been the subject of his daughter Re’Onna’s bullying, touched him deeply. He said, “I wanted to help Ryan so she wouldn’t have to deal with this issue anymore.”

According to FaithIt, his daughter was supposedly part of a group of pals in school who made fun of Ryan’s makeup and clothes. Despite the fact that the parents of the girls were friends, they had no idea what was going on at school. They banded together after learning about the issue, and Smalls announced his plan of action.

Smalls chose to treat Ryan to a shopping spree instead of buying clothes for his 13-year-old daughter Re’Onna. “My daughter was upset, especially since she is interested in fashion.” “So she came with us and assisted us in selecting Ryan’s new clothes,” he added.

He brought Ryan to the salon while his daughter was at church, in addition to buying clothes, shirts, and shoes for her. He informed her family that he would pay for Ryan’s hair till the end of the year. Other salons in the neighborhood followed on the bandwagon, securing Ryan’s style for the following few months.

Ryan’s mother, Richuana, 44, told the publication that her daughter had been having non-epileptic seizures as a result of stress caused by the deaths of her father, grandparents, and aunt. She was overjoyed that the buying spree had made Ryan happy again, but she was taken aback by Smalls’ tactics.

“This is the first time I have seen a parent take such a stance on bullying,” she said.

Smalls, who was shocked at how viral his response went, said, “I didn’t expect for this to get big but I’m glad if other parents [can learn from it]. My daughter learned her lesson.”

It also produced results, as Richuana attested that Ryan and Small’s daughter are “cool now.”

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