WATCH: “Israel is Engaging in Occupation of Palestinian Land” – Barack Obama on Israel-Hamas War

Former US President Barack Obama has commented on the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, highlighting the complexities of the situation and the need for a thorough grasp of the problems at hand.


Obama branded Hamas’s conduct as “horrific” and stressed that there is no justification for them during an edition of the “Pod Save America” podcast. He also mentioned the difficulties that Palestinians experience, such as the occupation and the harsh living circumstances.

He urged people to reflect and understand the multifaceted nature of the conflict.

“Nobody’s hands are clean, we could go on for a while,” he said. “If you want to solve the problem, then you have to take in the whole truth,” Obama said. “And you then have to admit nobody’s hands are clean, that all of us are complicit to some degree.”


Obama said that he felt bad about the violence and questioned whether he could have done more to avert it as president.

He stated that he attempted to push for a peace process but was met with opposition from both Israeli and Palestinian officials, as well as domestic politics in the United States.

Obama chastised social media for dividing the conversation and allowing people to just defend their own “moral innocence.”


” You can pretend to speak the truth, you can speak one side of the truth, and in some cases you can try to maintain your moral innocence, but that won’t solve the problem,” he said.


This is the second time former President Barack Obama has addressed the conflict between Israel and Hamas openly, emphasizing the concept of reciprocal responsibility.

Obama voiced concern last week on his social media channels that Israel’s responses, which included blocking access to crucial supplies in Gaza and resulting in civilian casualties, could be counterproductive.

Such acts, according to Obama, might cement bad opinions of Israel among Palestinians, reduce worldwide support for the country, and even stymie efforts to achieve long-term peace.



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