WATCH: Caucasian Father Faces Criticism Seeking Help With Black Baby’s Hair Care

A video of a Caucasian father, Will, stroking the hair of his Black adopted infant daughter went viral on “Black TikTok,” leading to a contentious issue. In the deleted video, the father asked how to care for his daughter’s hair texture.

He expressed his desire to reach out to Black TikTok users and their parents. We have adopted a Black baby, Zoë, and I am not sure what to do with her hair. I have this small brush and stuff from Shea Moisture. I truly don’t know what to do, so if any Black parents or anyone knows what to do with Black children’s hair, please help me in the comments. “Thank you.”

In an unusual turn of events, the video sparked a discussion on social media, with some complimenting the father’s inquiry and others claiming he was simply exploiting the young daughter as a “prop.”

Netizens disputed the impact of transracial adoption, with others alleging the White father and his husband adopted Zoë to gain power. Others questioned the couple’s decision to raise a Black child as non-Black parents, and why they did not consider these aspects.

“I could have the best intentions and still mess up,” the parent told NBC News in response to the post’s unfortunate conclusion. Despite criticism, Will refused to share his last name to protect his family’s privacy. He went on to add that he regretted exposing his daughter “to the world in that way” and sending the wrong message with his video.

“I’ve realized that I need to be very intentional about the community that surrounds us and her on a regular basis, and that individuals who look like her should talk to her. I want Zoë to love herself. “That includes her personality, skin color, hair, and everything,” he said.

He shared with NBC News that he and his husband discussed the impact of racism on Zoë’s life.He mentioned that he lives in a diverse neighborhood with Black people, and his friends have provided him with advise on caring for Zoë.

Will added that, in his excitement, he turned to TikTok for extra assistance. He responded to online charges that he didn’t consider race until Zoë’s adoption.

“People said I viewed her as a prop or accessory and not a human being, and that’s not the case at all,” he stated. “That’s not how I view my daughter at all.”

He stated that he has been open to feedback and learning from Black adoptees and parents in recent days.

He stated that in just a few days, he has developed a deeper understanding of the hardships associated with transracial adoption, and that he will continue to learn and elevate the voices of people who have experienced it.

“I will continue to use every resource at my disposal to raise Zoë to be the best person she can be with the best parents we can be,” he went on to say.

White parents adopting Black children, which is a type of transracial adoption, frequently causes controversy. The majority of adoptive parents in the United States are white, and approximately 30% of adoptions are transracial, according to statistics cited by NBC News. There are concerns that Black children with white parents often struggle to form their own racial identities.




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