Wanted Georgia Man Arrested After Applying For Police Job In Arkansas

A 24-year-old man wanted in Georgia for probation violation was apprehended in Arkansas after applying for a job with the Monticello Police Department. According to WSB-TV, Justin C. Carter applied for a job as a Monticello police officer on Monday.

When he sent the application by email, the fugitive was supposed to be hiding in South Carolina. According to authorities, he traveled to Arkansas the next day to check information for a physical exam.

But upon arrival, Monticello police noticed “discrepancies in his physical appearance from his background check”, Fox News reported. Police ultimately determined authorities in Georgia had issued a nationwide warrant for Carter’s arrest after conducting further checks.

Carter later met with police at the Monticello High School track to do his fitness test. He was eventually detained after completing the test. The 24-year-old is scheduled to be returned to Georgia.

A serial r**ist who had been hunted by Georgia police since 2015 was finally apprehended in 2019 after attempting to join their squad. Kenneth Bowen III joined the Clayton County Police Department academy in June 2018, but was discharged a few months later for lying to supervisors after arriving several hours late for training on September 12.

Though Bowen was only at the academy for a short time, the information he contributed was critical to his eventual arrest. During a press conference, Clayton County Police Chief Kevin Roberts stated that Bowen was responsible for seven rape instances and a s**ual battery case after forensic evidence tied him to the crimes.

“Had he not attempted to join ranks in the Clayton County Police Department, it is questionable as to when we would have apprehended him,” Roberts said.

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