Ohio Woman Told She Never Graduated High School 16 Years After Ceremony

A woman in Ohio discovered two months ago that she never truly graduated high school when she obtained her graduation from Scott High School in 2007, according to WTVG.


Victoria Tatum said her diploma was destroyed in a natural calamity, but she retains a fuzzy photo of it from the graduation ceremony. She was just advised that her application for college classes was invalid.


“It’s like a slap in the face for my mom and dad because she worked hard to get her kids to graduate. That was her one dying wish before she left this earth,” Tatum said. “I’ve been trying to do this for three years and I finally got my answer in June saying like “Hey, yeah, you never graduated from our school,”” Tatum added.


The Toledo Public Schools administration informed Tatum that there are no documents indicating that she attended a graduation ceremony. It claimed to have records indicating she was half a credit short of graduating.


That will be useless for any college Tatum plans to attend, she claims. The Toledo Public Schools system suggested she get her GED, but Tatum said it isn’t fair because she is still hoping for a solution.


“It’s not my fault,” said Tatum. “I did nothing but come to school, learn, get my diploma, and go off to college to better myself. I want to continue to better myself, but they’re holding me back, and I don’t appreciate that. I don’t and I need them to fix that.”

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