Walmart Stabbing Suspect Reportedly Targeted African Americans with Hostile Glances

A man has been arrested and accused in Illinois for fatally stabbing an 18-year-old Walmart employee. According to WIFR, the fatal incident occurred on March 24 at a Walmart store in Rockford.

Timothy Carter, 28, reportedly stabbed Jason Jenkins in the back. The victim was on duty at the time, and authorities stated the teen and suspect were strangers. A judge has subsequently ordered Carter, who is accused with first-degree murder, to remain in custody until his next court appearance.

According to court filings, Carter visited Rosecrance and UW Health SwedishAmerican Hospitals for mental health therapy. However, he said he was denied treatment.

“As with the rest of our community, Rosecrance is shocked by this recent act of violence and unthinkable loss of life. While we cannot and will not speak about the person involved in this incident, there are times in which individuals may seek our treatment, but are assessed to be an acute risk to self or others. In these cases, we will safely refer those individuals to a higher level of care,” Rosecrance said in response to Carter’s claims.

“Patients aged 10 and up who present to the emergency department are screened for risk of harm to self or others and triaged appropriately,” a UW Health spokesperson also said.

According to the report, Carter entered the Walmart shop with two knives and gave “all of the African American people dirty looks” as he strolled about. A witness who contacted with police stated that she heard the perpetrator utter a racist epithet around the time of the deadly incident.

During the hearing on Wednesday, the judge granted the prosecution’s plea to keep Carter jailed, according to WIFR. According to Illinois’ Pre-Trial Fairness Act, the state must prove “by clear and convincing evidence” that a suspect’s alleged crime deserves detention and that releasing the defendant would endanger society.

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