US: Donald Trump Vows To Continue Presidential Campaign If Sentenced

Former US President Donald Trump said Friday that if he is convicted and jailed in any of the criminal investigations pending against him, he will not cease his presidential campaign.

The 77-year-old Republican frontrunner was asked about his reaction to the federal and state accusations he faces as he seeks re-election in 2024, a day after federal prosecutors added three felony counts to his indictment over his handling of classified documents, according to HowAfrica.

Asked by right wing radio host John Fredericks if being sentenced would stop his campaign, he quickly responded: “Not at all. There’s nothing in the Constitution to say that it could.”

“And even the radical left crazies are saying not at all, that wouldn’t stop (me) — and it wouldn’t stop me either. These people are sick. What they are doing is absolutely horrible,” he added.

Trump said previous presidents including Barack Obama and George W. Bush “took documents,” suggesting falsely that his predecessors had engaged in conduct similar to the alleged crimes for which he has been charged.

“Nobody has ever gone through this. This is crazy,” he added, mischaracterizing the law and a previous civil dispute over presidential documents to argue that he had done nothing wrong.

The twice-impeached former president was indicted in the classified papers case for the first time last month, accused of compromising national security by retaining top secret nuclear and defense material after leaving the White House.

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