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US Boxer Yahu Blackwell to be Installed as Chief in Ghana

Yahu Blackwell, a Ghanaian boxer based in the United States, will be hailed as Osu Noryaa Mantse, the “development chief at large,” in Osu, Ghana’s capital Accra, next month. His Royal Majesty (HRM) Notse Nii Nortey Owuo IV of the Osu State will crown Blackwell, also known as Yah’Kwame Kariuki Nii Ayi Kushi Amaa Blackwell, and he will work directly with the paramount stool to oversee projects that will benefit the people of Osu.

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According to Daily Guide Network, the boxer and entrepreneur has purchased land in the Aburi mountains to construct a royal compound that will include living and dining areas, six bedrooms with bathrooms, a family area, a modern kitchen, a gym, office, movie theater, and game room. A visitors’ lounge, prayer sanctuary, laundry and general storage facilities, pool area with bar and restaurant, barber and salon room, basketball court, and bowling alley will also be available at the site.

According to the Daily Guide Network, there will also be a guard post, a 1-bedroom outhouse, and space for 4-6 cars. There are currently discussions of establishing a STEM and drone aviation program, as well as a science lab.

Blackwell was born in Baltimore, Maryland, yet he is of Ga-Dangbe ancestry and a descendant of Ayi Kushi. According to Daily Guide Network, Ayi Kushi was a king of the Ga-Dangbe, the first known G Mantse in recorded history.

In Ghana, the Ga are one half of a twin coastal ethnic group. The Adangbe are the other half of the Ga, with whom they share linguistic commonalities and origin stories. The Ga-Adangbe make up roughly half of the population in Ghana’s capital city, Accra.

The Ga people are well-known in the West African sub-region for their customs and celebrations, such as the Homowo Festival, a harvest festival that translates as “to hoot at hunger.”

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